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It’s lock, stock, and 52 smok­ing shades with Joico’s lat­est colour range that cares for your hair.

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The new Joico Lu­miShine is to dye for!

Heads up! #TeamCLEO re­cently got up close with Joico’s global artist Liza Espinoza, and she dished out all we needed to know about the new Joico Lu­miShine range, and hair trends of 2016.

What sets Joico Lu­miShine apart from other hair colour­ing prod­ucts? Most hair colour­ing crèmes de­plete Argi­nine, an amino acid essen­tial for your hair health. With our ArgiPlex Tech­nol­ogy, Lu­miShine is able to re­store 100% of the Argi­nine lost, mean­ing your hair will re­main as healthy as it was prior to colour­ing. This leads me to my sec­ond point, the shine fac­tor! Hair tends to ap­pear matte after dye­ing but with Lu­miShine, you leave with twice the shine! Fi­nally, the fra­grance — our for­mula masks the pun­gent am­mo­nia smell, re­plac­ing it with berg­amot, iris and san­dal­wood for a more aro­mather­a­peu­tic ex­pe­ri­ence.

Is the om­bre still in trend? The om­bre has tran­si­tioned to the ‘som­bre’ — soft om­bre. Harsh di­vid­ing, hor­i­zon­tal lines are out, and soft, livedin tran­si­tional colours are in.

What’s your ad­vice for peo­ple who are look­ing for a change of colour? If you want to do a big change, con­sult a stylist, and do it pro­fes­sion­ally. Also, be aware that re­sults aren’t in­stant. Be pa­tient if the colour isn’t what you imag­ined; ocas­sion­ally, it takes time for it to tran­si­tion to what you want.

Most im­por­tantly, never be afraid to make changes. Change is al­ways good.

How should we pro­tect our new hair colour? Use colour-pro­tect­ing sham­poo and con­di­tioner, and sham­poo less! The less you sham­poo, the longer your colour will last. Wash your hair ev­ery other day or go on for longer if you can. Or use dry sham­poo in­stead.

A handy tip: First-day hair doesn’t style as well sec­ond-day hair which is grit­tier and fuller. So if you sham­poo your hair ev­ery day, your hair will never be at its full styling po­ten­tial.

What are your hair colour pre­dic­tions through 2017? Vivid colours have been very pop­u­lar of late, but now we’re all about matte, cool tones which are ashy and smokey.

What are Joico’s hair es­sen­tials for Malaysia’s hu­mid cli­mate? The Humdity Blocker pre­vents frizzi­ness. Next, the Hair Shake, a clay to pow­der tex­turiser; its light and soft con­sis­tency al­lows you to style very eas­ily.

Liza Espinoza is a braid ex­pert! Wear it short for more ka- Peek-a-boo colours are a great tran­si­tion to some­thing more dar­ing.

Liza at the Joico hair show in May.

Boost your dark locks with an ul­tra-vi­o­let glim­mer.

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