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e’ve all been told for as long as we can re­mem­ber that the key to good health is to drink plenty of wa­ter — eight glasses a day, pre­cisely. But this rule isn’t based on hard ev­i­dence; just the fact that it’s easy to re­mem­ber. How­ever, the scary thing is, that with the in­tense heat and cli­mate, you’re los­ing wa­ter even faster than you can drink it. Your body re­lies on wa­ter for ev­ery­thing from tem­per­a­ture con­trol, joints lu­bri­ca­tion, to keep­ing your skin firm and bouncy, and more. After all, we’re made up of 70 per cent wa­ter. Here, we ex­plore the best ways to keep your hy­dra­tion lev­els up, and your skin look­ing fab­u­lous. WA­TER BANK DOU­BLE GEL SOOTH­ING MASK, RM90. WA­TER BANK EYE GEL, RM137. WA­TER BANK ESSENCE_EX, RM174. The Na­tional Academy of Medicine rec­om­mends 2.7 litres of wa­ter a day for women. On av­er­age, your body loses three to four litres of wa­ter a day. (Just breath­ing alone makes you lose up to two litres of wa­ter!) So con­sider this your wake-up call — the thirst is real. While it’s im­por­tant to re­plen­ish your body with tons of flu­ids, it’s equally as im­por­tant to di­rectly nour­ish your skin daily with a su­per good mois­turiser. #teamCLEO’s pick? The leader in skin hy­dra­tion, Laneige.

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