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Most of us have spent more of our life with our breasts than with­out, and yet we’re still only just get­ting ac­quainted. It’s high time we all be­came BFFs with our girls.

When it comes to breasts, we’re as illinformed as if Coach Carr was our sex-ed teacher. And, frankly, sex ed­u­ca­tion in gen­eral is to blame be­cause the cur­ricu­lum kind of goes from “You’re go­ing to grow breasts” straight to “Be sure to check for lumps”. But there are many other is­sues, prob­lems and ques­tions in be­tween those stages we need to know, and it’s not like you sit around with your friends com­par­ing notes (and nip­ples). And we hear the same thing, over and over again: It’s im­por­tant to check your breasts reg­u­larly so you know what’s nor­mal, and to en­sure you no­tice any changes early. So now, it’s time we talked. Be­cause we be­lieve that — like even when you’re with your man — boobs should never be ig­nored.

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