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How? As as­tro­physi­cist Karel Schri­jver ex­plains, “When the uni­verse started, there was just hy­dro­gen and a lit­tle he­lium and very lit­tle of any­thing else ... Stars are like nu­clear re­ac­tors. They take a fuel, and con­vert it to some­thing else. Hy­dro­gen is formed into he­lium, and he­lium is built into car­bon, ni­tro­gen and oxy­gen, iron and sul­phur — ev­ery­thing we’re made of.” Also, stars con­tinue to ex­plode, so some of the el­e­ments in our bod­ies could be as old as the uni­verse, while oth­ers only landed on Earth hun­dreds of years ago. Pull out this lit­tle bit of trivia at your next gath­er­ing, and get ready to leave your friends #mind­blown.

A stun­ning panorama cap­tured at Mt.Bromo, East Java, Indonesia.

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