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My boyfriend just scored his first big pro­mo­tion at work, and has spoiled him­self with a new Rolex. I was thrilled at first, un­til he started telling ev­ery­one about it — I find this re­ally flashy and ma­te­ri­al­is­tic. How do I get him to tone it down? Easy – for­get the soft ap­proach of ask­ing him whether he’s aware of his be­hav­iour. Rather, in­sert the word ‘Rolex’ into your ev­ery­day con­ver­sa­tion with him as of­ten as pos­si­ble: “Hi,

Ahoney, how was your Rolex day?”, “What do you feel like for Rolex din­ner tonight?” and so on. When he asks what the hell you’re do­ing, tell him this is the way he’s sounded ever since he got his watch, and that he needs to wind things back a smidge.

QI was on a date with a new guy at a com­edy club. One of the co­me­di­ans started to poke fun at Malays by say­ing they re­ceive pref­er­en­tial treat­ment from the gov­ern­ment. I found these ob­ser­va­tions un­ap­peal­ing but my date laughed away! And get this: He’s Malay! What should I make out of this?

ACLEO con­trib­u­tor David Smiedt has been be­tray­ing his sex in print for over 10 years. He will tell you things your man won’t. taught us any­thing, it’s that this type of en­ter­tain­ment is very sub­jec­tive. He was hav­ing a good time with­out jump­ing on the of­fence train. But this doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily mean he en­dorses the view. Just be­cause it didn’t float your boat, there’s no need to read any­thing into his be­hav­iour. It wouldn’t be our cup of tea ei­ther, TBH.

Yes, I like it rough!

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