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boyfriend is a lovely hu­man be­ing: Kind, com­pas­sion­ate and gen­tle. How­ever, I’d like things to be a bit more an­i­mal­is­tic in the bed­room, but I don’t know how to broach the sub­ject. This is a mat­ter of tim­ing, as in when to bring it up. You have two al­ter­na­tives here: The first is after sex, in the post-coital glow. The sec­ond is dur­ing sex, in a low, sexy growl. Now onto the how. Keep your di­rec­tive clear: “Baby, it would re­ally turn me on if you’d gently grab my hair dur­ing sex.” He won’t mind this, if it means height­ened plea­sure for you. Help him find the mid­dle ground be­tween too weak and too hard; and you may also un­leash a bit of a beast within him. Lucky you.


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