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Noth­ing frames your fea­tures and face bet­ter than your own nat­u­ral brow shape. Can’t recog­nise it any­more be­cause you got too tweezer-happy? Then let your brows re­main un­touched for about six to eight weeks for its nat­u­ral growth pat­tern to re­veal it­self. Once it does, clean up the shape by pluck­ing away just the ob­vi­ous strays, be­fore defin­ing it with one of these ba­bies: EMPRO BLACK EDITION TRI­AN­GU­LAR BROW PEN­CIL, RM105.90.

Lily Collins’ per­fect­ly­groomed red car­pet look can be a dream come true.

Play it sub­tle with thin frames like Emily Rata­jkowski.

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