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CLEO (Malaysia) - - YOUR LIFE, YOUR RULES! -

Itch­ing to blow your monthly pay on a pair of Prada heels? While it’s ver­rry tempt­ing, keep­ing a few bucks in the bank will cover for any emer­gency “What ifs” such as end­ing up in hospi­tal, fix­ing a bro­ken car, or get­ting stopped by the lo­cal po­lice. Smok­ing be­ing a big one! Un­less em­phy­sema is your thing, take your cues from Char­l­ize and Gisele and quit the cig­gies while you’re ahead. You will breathe easy (lit­er­ally) know­ing you’re be­ing nice to your in­ter­nals, and that all your cash will stay in your pocket in­stead of some multi­na­tional to­bacco tyrant’s.

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