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Sneez­ing is caused by an ir­ri­ta­tion of the his­tamine-pro­duc­ing cells in the nose and si­nuses. This may be trig­gered by a virus or bac­te­rial in­fec­tion. If it hap­pens on a reg­u­lar or sea­sonal ba­sis, you may have an al­lergy to some­thing in the air such as pol­lens or dust par­ti­cles.

If you’re feel­ing like you’re com­ing down with an in­fec­tion, add raw gar­lic to your sal­ads and dose up on echi­nacea root. Tip: Don’t hold back a sneeze as it can cause dam­age to your in­ner ear drum and si­nuses. (Eep!)

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