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Cast your mind back over the last week, and chances are, you can pin­point at least a few mo­ments when you felt like (si­mul­ta­ne­ously) cry­ing, shout­ing, curl­ing up on the couch, send­ing off a cou­ple of blis­ter­ingly hon­est emails or rock­ing the work vend­ing ma­chine un­til it coughed up a Snick­ers.

Chill. Here are three sur­pris­ingly sim­ple ways for you to get a grip. The ten­dency is to try too many fixes at once when we are in a state of max­i­mum freak­out: Drink some wine/dump your part­ner/ start your CV/binge-shop on­line, etc. To let go, choose one prob­lem and tackle that, us­ing all the adrenaline you’ve got. Run a 5K faster than ever. Iron out your taxes. “Fo­cus­ing on one thing lets you chan­nel your en­ergy in a pro­duc­tive and mean­ing­ful way,” says life coach Jo­hanna Parker ( “It lets you pull back and of­ten helps you to see a quick win as well.”

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