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or­get what the oldies say about ro­mance be­ing dead in the dig­i­tal era. It’s ac­tu­ally more vi­brant than ever, with greater modes of ex­pres­sion. So much so, that if some­one you meet doesn’t have a so­cial me­dia pres­ence you can mine for info, chances are he’s got some­thing to hide. And please don’t believe his “I just like con­nect­ing on a hu­man level ” ra­tio­nal­i­sa­tions.

Now, let’s go dig­ging. First up, I’d cau­tion against dat­ing any­one who’s not wear­ing a shirt in his Face­book or Tin­der pro­file pic­ture. If you’re just af­ter a hot and heavy one or two nighters, by all means pro­ceed. But more of­ten than not, there lies a bunch of emo­tional in­se­cu­ri­ties be­hind the toned pecs that he feels he can air­brush with bench presses. While you’re check­ing out his pics, have a glance at the male-to-fe­male ra­tio. This in­di­cates his abil­ity to so­cialise with myr­iad gen­ders, as op­posed to a who oc­ca­sion­ally leaves his pack in search of chicks. But he does get bonus points for pics he’s posted with his mum (but not too many), nieces or neph­ews (adorable) or his dog (sweet plus the abil­ity to com­mit). Now let’s head over to his “Friends” sec­tion. Again, you want a good gen­der bal­ance but be sure that the girls don’t con­form to a visual type – as in all buxom or wear­ing a cer­tain hair­style. Yes, we all have cer­tain aes­thetic predilec­tions but when his are so brazenly dis­played, chances are you rep­re­sent more of an archetype than hap­pily-ever-af­ter. Equally re­veal­ing are his re­posts. They show what moves a man and a sense of depth. Yes, we all gawked at Kim K in the Fergie video but us feel­ing the need to post it on our Wall? Maybe not so much. Con­versely, any of the “sen­ti­ments in re­sponse to cur­rent events gives an in­di­ca­tion that he’s aware of events be­yond his trousers.

All of this said, how­ever, for all the cy­ber-savvy/stalk­ing, you’ll never get as com­plete a pic­ture as with a face-to-face in­ter­ac­tion. (No, Skype doesn’t count.) Think of an on­line pres­ence as a trailer to a film you might be in­ter­ested in see­ing. And we’ve all been put off by a promo clip of a movie that turned out to be bril­liant. Happy hunt­ing! Beauty gu­rus and for­mer friends Kat Von D and Jef­free Star got into a cy­ber tiff when, among other things, Jef­free Star was called out for in­ap­pro­pri­ate be­hav­iour. It went on to Twit­ter and in­di­vid­ual videos. Yuna slammed her haters with a heart­felt In­sta-mes­sage about the sever­ity of cy­ber-bul­ly­ing, and en­cour­aged her fans to spread pos­i­tiv­ity in­stead.

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