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Fin­ish­ing uni, think­ing about your ca­reer, plan­ning ad­ven­tures … your 20s are the time to be pos­ing the big ques­tions. Clin­i­cal psy­chol­o­gist Philip John­son ( be­lieves con­stant ques­tion­ing is the key to self-knowl­edge and this will lead you to re­al­is­ing what ex­actly you want out of your ca­reer and life. “The most im­por­tant thing of all is to know your­self,” ex­plains Philip. “Ask ques­tions like, why am I do­ing this? Why am I feel­ing this? What is this ex­pe­ri­ence? How is this af­fect­ing me? Why am I re­act­ing to th­ese things? Why do I do what I do?” As Philip says, you don’t want to get to 30, let alone 50 or 60, still feel­ing stuck. Dain agrees, adding that ask­ing your­self th­ese ques­tions can prompt you to open up more op­tions in each of the tired sit­u­a­tions in your life. It’s to­tally not crazy to ask your­self th­ese ques­tions: “How does it get any bet­ter than this?” (Ask this when some­thing ‘good’ or ‘bad’ hap­pens to you) “What’s right about this that I don’t seem to be get­ting?” “What would it take to change this?” “What else is pos­si­ble?” “What would it take for this to turn out bet­ter than I could have imag­ined?”

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