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“Most of us have been on au­topi­lot since for­ever, and are walk­ing around blindly hop­ing that the next thing will give us what we want, while not re­ally hav­ing the sense of what we would truly de­sire,” ex­plains Dain. The se­cret is to start chas­ing the feel­ing you’re af­ter.

If there are no lim­i­ta­tions in your world and you can have any­thing at all, what will it be? “If you can get an idea of not just the job that you’d like, but the way it’d feel in your world to have that on a daily ba­sis, it’ll give you a guide to fol­low for the rest of your life,” he says. Write this feel­ing down in as much detail as pos­si­ble and re­fer back to it of­ten to keep you on track. It might sound like an airy-fairy con­cept, but call­ing up that en­ergy can have a pow­er­ful im­pact on your life. If you’re try­ing to de­cide be­tween two dif­fer­ent job roles (or even, guys to date!) and one feels a lot more like that en­ergy you’ve writ­ten down, choose it. (FYI, we’re hop­ing to feel bod-con vibes like Se­lena Gomez: the Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret show edi­tion.) “By do­ing this, you’ll know whether a per­son or a class will con­trib­ute to the life you’d re­ally like to have, be­fore you ever spend any time or money on it,” Dain ex­plains. Once you’ve cap­tured that feel­ing, be sure to only share your plans with peo­ple who will sup­port you (not grill you more than a chicken sa­tay). Most of us have one or two peo­ple like that in our lives who will nur­ture our quest for a bet­ter fu­ture — a Yoda to our Luke Sky­walker. “Find one per­son who truly has your back, so when you tell them th­ese kinds of things you’re ex­cited about, they get ex­cited, too,” Dain sug­gests. “Hav­ing that per­son breaks you out of the idea that you can’t do this and you’re all alone. That one per­son can be a source of en­ergy and make a con­tri­bu­tion to your choice.” But whether you’re clear on what’s needed to shake up your ca­reer, or you’re still mus­ing over op­tions, re­mem­ber that with­out fund­ing, your day­dreams will re­main just that — a dream. So get sav­ing now. “What­ever you’re do­ing — with ev­ery job that you have, ev­ery day that you get paid — put a per­cent­age of your money aside,” Philip rec­om­mends. Now I’m sur­rounded by things I need and that spark joy. It’s amaz­ing to know that I don’t need a lot to be happy, and it’s al­lowed me to live and work un­clut­tered.” — Sara, 30, Au­thor “I used to com­plain a lot about my job un­til I saw a coun­sel­lor. To bal­ance the stress of my work, she had me com­pile a per­sonal bucket list. Now I have no rea­son not to live the life I truly want!” — Lila, 31, Nurse

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