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To be very hon­est, your heart’s not in your work right now. You’re en­joy­ing fam­ily life more than ever and may even be con­sid­er­ing giv­ing up your ca­reer en­tirely to spend more time with those you love the most. How­ever, this is just a fleet­ing feel­ing, so if you do give up your job, make sure you’ve a well thought-out plan. Oth­er­wise, you’ll re­gret it later on.


This month is a great time for you and your part­ner, but not, per­haps, in the way you’d ex­pect to. Rather than phys­i­cal in­ti­macy, ex­pect a great time for be­com­ing closer friends. You’ll also en­joy any time that you spend with fam­ily and friends, so make the most of your so­cial per­son­al­ity this Septem­ber and get out as much as pos­si­ble.


Don’t buy that ex­pen­sive item just yet, even in the name of in­vest­ment; make sure you can even af­ford it first! Ex­pect a few small bonuses at work that will add up to a nice gain by month’s end. This comes from your hard work and be­cause your bosses are pleased with you. Keep it up and you may even earn that pro­mo­tion you’ve been pray­ing for!


This month, you’ll gen­er­ally feel very well. But what you’ll have to look out for are ill­nesses that sud­denly sneak up on you. A slight cough or cold which you’d nor­mally ig­nore or treat with over-the-counter medicine could pos­si­bly get worse quite quickly, if only be­cause you’re stressed out and not al­low­ing your­self enough time to heal prop­erly. Make sure you get suf­fi­cient time out.

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