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his sunny world of ours may be beau­ti­ful to live in, but it is also filled with pol­lu­tion, stress and free rad­i­cals which direly af­fect the state of our skin. One way to coun­ter­act the harm­ful ef­fects is to arm your­self with the best an­tiox­i­dant-in­fused skin­care, and the word on the street is that the combo of drag­on­fruit and aloe vera makes for a pow­er­ful nat­u­ral skin de­fender! This su­per-tasty trop­i­cal fruit from the cactus family packs a punch in terms of ben­e­fits. Also known as the pitaya, it con­tains fatty acids and sev­eral B-com­plex vi­ta­mins, in­clud­ing the “anti-stress vi­ta­min” B1 (thi­amin), plus B2 (ri­boflavin) and B3 (niacin).

It is also rich in cal­cium, iron and phos­pho­rus which are great for the im­mune sys­tem. Most im­por­tantly, it con­tains an­tiox­i­dants which ward off harm­ful free rad­i­cals. Great as a snack, drag­on­fruits are nat­u­rally sweet, low in choles­terol, and high in fi­bre. A com­mon in­gre­di­ent for skin­care, this unas­sum­ing plant pos­sesses more than 75 nu­tri­ents, in­clud­ing 20 min­er­als and 12 vi­ta­mins, and also has an­tibac­te­rial, an­tiox­i­dant, mois­tur­is­ing, sooth­ing, detox­i­fy­ing and nu­tri­tional ben­e­fits. Aloe vera en­cour­ages skin cell turnover, helps to main­tain your skin’s mois­ture bar­rier, and has high vi­ta­min E con­tent, a pop­u­lar an­tiox­i­dant in good skin­care prod­ucts. Quench your thirst while giv­ing your body a boost of an­tiox­i­dants by blend­ing drag­on­fruit with a cup of co­conut wa­ter and a quar­ter cup of aloe vera juice. For richer flavours, throw in other types of fruit. Yum!

Cleans deeply and ef­fec­tively, and even dis­solves all traces of oil. A quick-ab­sorb­ing gel that hy­drates the skin for 12 hours. Wipes away traces of dirt as well as dead skin cells. Shields your skin from UV rays and pro­vides 12 hours of hy­dra­tion.

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