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“Hol­i­day” seems like such a sim­ple word on the sur­face. It just means “not be­ing at work”, right? Yet those three lit­tle sim­ply syl­la­bles – “ho-lee-day” – can con­tain so many pre­con­cep­tions and ex­pec­ta­tions. For some peo­ple, the idea of never leav­ing the re­sort and work­ing their way through the cock­tail menu is the goal in it­self. The other per­son, how­ever, could well be more of an ex­pe­ri­ence seeker or cul­ture junkie who has spent many months re­search­ing lo­cal at­trac­tions and wants to In­sta­gram the liv­ing hell out of ev­ery one. It’s prob­a­bly a good idea to have a chat about how you see your re­spec­tive days in par­adise un­fold­ing be­fore you check in (you may also want to check

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