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“Some­times, it’s all just a bit of plan­ning! I usu­ally pri­ori­tise my tasks the night be­fore, so I know what to fo­cus on when I come into the of­fice the next day. I get to th­ese first, then once I’ve sorted them, I know I’ve been pro­duc­tive that day.” work. I just try to be as pro­duc­tive as I can in my nine­hour work day. I en­joy my lunch hour, and try not to take too much work home, mak­ing sure to switch off my brain for a few hours be­fore bed­time. The best thing is not to think about work. It helps me wind down and gear up for the busy day that’s com­ing up.” “I’m on the road a lot for work. If I’m driv­ing, it’s such a shame be­cause it means I lose pro­duc­tiv­ity hours. Luck­ily, we have ride-shar­ing apps like Grab and Uber to chauf­feur me around. I do my work re­motely on my phone, so I can go straight from a meet­ing to cock­tails know­ing I’ve done my work al­ready!”

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