Lift Like A Girl

Smash through all those iron- pump­ing myths and find out why you should be hit­ting the weights room, now.

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It ’s time to show the boys just how much you can play in their court

Ahh, we all know that bit of the gym that strikes dread into our hearts— the mir­rored sec­tion with the dumb­bells all lined up, ad­ja­cent to that com­pli­cated ma­chin­ery, bulked-up sin­gle t-wear­ing meat heads and a whole lot of grunt­ing. You know you hurry past it, mak­ing lit­tle eye con­tact, on the way to the safe havens of your usual spin class. But by avoid­ing weight train­ing, you’ve been miss­ing out on one of the best work­outs around. We tend to stay away be­cause we don’t want to end up the flesh- coloured ver­sion of The Hulk, but these fears are un­founded. While yes, we gain mus­cles from lift­ing weights, it would re­quire an ex­ten­sive amount of years (and in corri gable amounts of testos­terone ). We quizzed the ex­perts on why ladies should lift— you might just love your dumb­bell ( not the one that keeps tex ting you) a lit­tle more.


Af­ter a big week­end, we usu­ally think along sweaty run will help us beat the bloat. Af­ter all, what can a few leg raises or bi­cep curls ac­tu­ally do? Err, a lot, ap­par­ently .“Re­sis­tance train­ing in­creases your lean mus­cle mass ,” con­firms per­sonal t rainer and ex­er­cise phys­i­ol­o­gist Neil Rus­sell ( atleta. “This means you burn more en­ergy at rest and your fuel re­quire­ments are higher, so you’ re less likely to store body fat .” And if you have an­other junk food-re­lated slip-up, a weights room ses­sion is the gift t hat keeps on giv­ing. “You’ll be burn­ing kilo­joules dur­ing your work­out, and af­ter a weight t rain­ing ses­sion, your body will con­tinue to burn an in­creased amount of kilo­joules f or up to 24 hours , ” ex­plains per­sonal t rainer Nathan Me­ola ( Off- set­ting t hat 3 pm Kit Kat fix? Yes please.


Think about t he beat­ing your poor lit­tle knee caps when­ever you go for a run. That kind of im­pact? Non-ex­is­tent when you’ re weight train­ing .“It’ s one of t he safest and most ef­fec­tive ways to de­velop your body,” Nathan ex­plains. “Weight t rain­ing not only builds strong mus­cles, but also helps to build the strength of the con­nec­tive tis­sue sur­round­ing your mus­cles, which im­proves joint sta­bil­ity, which helps to re­duce your chances of in­jury down the track .” Dou­ble win!


While any kind of phys­i­cal ex­er­cise helps your sleep­ing pat­terns, weight train­ing in par­tic­u­lar helps you get a bet­ter night ’ s sleep. ” Re­search has shown weight train­ing greatly im­proves sleep qual­ity, the abil­ity to fall asleep and the amount of time spend asleep ,” Nathan says .“If you find your­self ly­ing in bed star­ing at the ceil­ing yet again, cal­cu­lat­ing just how many hours you have left be­fore you need to be up in the morn­ing ditch the herbal tea sand start lift­ing some weights.” Yes , sir. *Throws chamomile out t he win­dow*


We all know t hat any kind of ex­er­cise re­leases happy hor­mones called en­dor­phins in our brains. But stud­ies of peo­ple that suf­fer from anx­i­ety and de­pres­sion have shown that train­ing with weights may have helped ease some of t heir symp­toms .“Its one thing in your life you can con­trol. So, if you’ve got de­pres­sion, anx­i­ety or even stress , and you go to the gym and get re­sults, this progress isa lit­tle win for you ,” said Neil .


“It’s just not go­ing to hap­pen. The main rea­son is be­cause women don’t have enough testos­terone in their bod­ies, and bulk­ing up takes years of fo­cused train­ing and strict nu­tri­tional ad­her­ence,” said Nathan. “There’s no rea­son to train like a‘ girl ’,” Nathan stresses .“I’ ve found women to be com­par­a­tively stronger than men, and with their high pain thresh­old they’ re able to lift heav­ier and for longer, while en­joy­ing some fan­tas­tic body trans­for­ma­tion re­sults .” So, stop hur­ry­ing past the weights or think­ing that lift­ing is not for you. Book a train­ing or head to a gym like The Out­law Gym in Subang Jaya (­out­lawmy).


“Card io plays a vi­tal role in any well-de­signed train­ing pro­gram, but it’ s only one piece of the puz­zle ,” Nathan pointed out. “Los­ing weight does not a dream body make. Your shape, tone, strength and body f at per­cent­age won’t change. Sure, you’ll get a smaller ver­sion of the same body, but if you re­ally want to change the shape of your body, then there’ s no tool like weight train­ing .”

[Weight train­ing] is one of the safest and most ef­fec­tive ways to de­velop your body.

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