Can You Ever Love A Cheater?

So, they ’ ve been caught. Now that your trust i s non- ex­is­tent, i s there any way you can pick up the pieces and tr y again?

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Which­ever your de­ci­sion, no­body’s fault­ing you


“So here’s the thing, when­ever I ar­gued with my part­ner, I’d just walk away. At first, he would chase af­ter me, but over time, he stopped, and that be­came our way of deal­ing with dis­agree­ments — dis­ap­pear­ing on each other. We not only f ailed at com­mu­ni­ca­tion, but al­lowed re­sent­ment to breed. I found out about his in fi­delity when I read a text con­ver­sa­tion be­tween him and his friend. Even t hough I was hor­ri­fied , I was an­gry at my­self for not see­ing the signs sooner. Weeks later, I could no longer deal with the hurt, and told him I snooped and knew ev­ery­thing. He was sorry, and felt ter­ri­ble that I lived with it for so long. It was hard, but some­times you just have to fight for what you want. Peo­ple will al­ways f ail you, so you learn to man­age your ex­pec­ta­tions. It was dif­fi­cult trust­ing him again, but it also made us re-eval­u­ate our re­la­tion­ship and come from a dif­fer­ent place .” — Saman­tha,27, Me­dia Re­la­tions Ex­ec­u­tive


“I was with my then-fi­ancé for around four years when it started—let me just say that a woman al­ways knows if some­thing is not right with her­man. And ev­ery­thing my in­stincts were telling me were right. First , I would catch him on the phone in the weird­est places, out of earshot of me. There were other red flags, like him shav­ing “down there”, and buy­ing new box­ers and colognes (I thought I was info rare al treat) but he would never ini­ti­ate sex. I fi­nally found out who the girl was and he con­fessed. Since he didn’t give me or our re­la­tion­ship the dig­nity we de served, I de­cided t hat he wasn’t worth a se­cond chance. I called off the wed­ding and ... It hurt. The whole or deal made me men­tally stronger, but also more sus­pi­cious of new part­ners. I’ m def­i­nitely find­ing it hard to trust again, and it’s tak­ing time, but I’ m slowly heal­ing.” — Adeline,28, Stew­ardess

”It was hard, but some­times you just have to fight for what you want.” — Saman­tha

”It made me stronger, but also more sus­pi­cious of new part­ners.” — Adeline

” We can make this work...”

Or, walk away from the hurt

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