Don’t make sex a huge flop. Many men say this line, and you need to know the com­plete truth be­hind it .

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QI was on a Tin­der date once and it was go­ing well un­til we got to his place. As we were get­ting it on, I asked him to put on a con­dom. He slipped in the “I’ m too big for a con­dom” line. Sure, he was on the larger side of the scale, but I didn’t want to go ahead with­out pro­tec­tion. When I left, I was won­der­ing, was it even true?

A: There are teensy lit­tle fibs and re­ally big f at whop­pers. White lies and crazy-dark de­ceits. There are also t hose un­truths t hat need to be stopped dead in their tracks, like thats hav­ing will make hair grow back thick er and darker. But guess which one is a balls-out, doesn’t–even-have-a-grain-of-truth-baked-into-it bread roll of a lie? That would be t he one men tell you about con­doms.

You’ve prob­a­bly heard a man com­plain at some­time or an­other that he finds con­doms re­stric­tive ( ” Look babe, you couldn’t pos­si­bly un­der­stand how un­com­fort­able itis ”). FYI, the best re­sponse to that is ,“You’re right, bae — I do not have a pe­nis. Good call . But couldn’t you pos­si­bly un­der­stand how un­com­fort­able it is to fall ac­ci­den­tally preg­nant, or ac­ci­den­tally con­tract an STI , and have to make what could be the big­gest de­ci­sion of your life, and I ’d rather not have to, so strap one on.”

This seem­ingly face­tious lit­tlelie is ob­vi­ously 100 per cent de­signed to get out of wear­ing a con­dom. So right here, right now, we’d like to make the fol­low­ing PSA: No man is too big to wear a con­dom. In fact, a full 50 per­cent of du des fall into the five-to six-inches cat­e­gory. Given t hat a reg­u­lar sized con­dom is be­tween seven and eight inches long, the re­al­ity is you are prob­a­bly go­ing to have enough room left over to chuck ina cou­ple of jaw break­ers to snack on. Be­cause here’s the thing —you can fita con­dom over things that are much big­ger, like a vase, a cham­pagne bot­tle, a power tool and even an arm( CLEO HQ has tried and it worked ). We can cat­e­gor­i­cally say no man could have a meat sword too huge to fitin a con­dom. Un­less you’re a dude with ten ni sr ac que t-shaped junk.

Ac­cord­ing to t he most re­cent Durex Youth Survey, t he Malaysian stats are wor­ry­ing. One out of 10 of us don’t even know what can pre­vent preg­nancy ( wild guess — con­doms are one of the best con­tra­cep­tives );35 per­cent didn’t even think they could get preg­nant the first time they do it. And wor­ry­ing ly, ac­cord­ing to the Min­istry of Health, HIV in­fec­tion cases are on the rise. Se­ri­ously.

So here’s our ad­vice: don’t ever rely on a man to pro­vide the con­dom. If he does, all the bet­ter. But have your own se­lec­tion ready to go as well , with all dif­fer­ent sizes and fl av ours. Be­cause be­ing sex­u­ally ac­tive means know­ing what ’s up. And now you know it’ s bi­o­log­i­cal ly im­pos­si­ble for him to stran­gle his favourite ap­pendage with a la­tex shea th. Un­less you’re deal­ing with ten­nis rac­quet dude...

We’d like to make the fol­low­ing PSA: No man is too big to wear a con­dom.

” Dude, it fit like a glove!”

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