Hot On His Mind

Think it ’s j ust straight up sex he loves? You’ll be sur­prised at what re­ally makes his heart (yes, heart) go aflut­ter.

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It ’s not all huff- and- puff when it comes to the boys, so we got them to spill on the quick­est way to their hearts


“I can’t do the one-night thing. I know we’ re in the age of Tin­der and all that, but for some of us it’ s just not at­trac­tive. I pre­fer build­ing a con­nec­tion; I just love the lit­tle things that make you feel re­ally close to some­one, like ly­ing there and watch­ing them sleep and feel­ing so happy that you’ re with them. Then hav­ing them sleep­ily open their eyes in the morn­ing. Or them bury­ing their head into your chest. Just like Zayn sang in“Let Me ”, our sex has mean­ing. For me, it al­ways has to be spe­cial and mean some­thing.” — Alex , ra­dio pro­duc­tion as­sis­tant , 24

You’ll be the ap­ple of his eye with these more- thanin­ter­course moves

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