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This lat­est foun­da­tion is set to put you in a good mood

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The air in metropoli­tan Shanghai was gray and hazy, but at 800 Show, the Ben­e­fit Happy House was in full swing com­plete with a ball pit and in­ter­ac­tive spots, all in 50 shades of pink and then some .2018 has been a buzzy year for the San Fran­cis­can brand, steadily launch­ing prod­ucts that get beauty junkies all over the globe hit­ting‘ Add to Cart ’. But with me­dia and beauty in­flu­ence rs from ten coun­tries con­gre­gat­ing in China, it was clear that this launch is ma-jor.

Thanks to in­ter­net beauty sleuths, we got a first peek at Ben­e­fit’ s lat­est Hello Happy Soft Blur Foun­da­tion via In sta ac­count @Trend mood 1, and the com­ment sec­tion was flooded with con­cern over its twelve-shade of­fer­ing( Malaysia car­ries ten. Forty is the new in­dus­try stan­dard) but the tightly-edited range was in­ten­tional and

Ben­e­fit has done all the leg work to en­sure ev­ery­one gets a piece of the beauty cake by con­duct­ing mul­ti­ple tests against var­i­ous skin tones. Housed inane moj i-like plas­tic bot­tle, Hello Happy is an easy foun­da­tion to work with. The silky liq­uid goes on smoothly with build­able cov­er­age, feels like noth­ing on skin and one can eas­ily cus­tomise the fin­ish by adding lu mini sing/ self-tan­ning/ matt if ying drops. De­spite its cheeky, play­ful ex­te­rior, Hello Happy is re­li­able no mat­ter what your needs—like aB FF!

“Ev­ery­body is liv­ing with fil­ters ,” mused Julie Bell , Ben­e­fit ’ s ex­u­ber­ant Ex­ec­u­tive Vice Pres­i­dent Of Global Mar­ket­ing — and don’t we know it. Ever in tune with mil­len­ni­als , Ben­e­fit ran with the idea of cre­at­ing a foun­da­tion that acts as an IR L VS CO fil­ter us­ing soft-fo­cus op­ti­cal blur­ring spheres so skin ap­pears smooth and fresh. Julie shared wise words with # TeamCLEO on what true beauty re­ally is and why Hello Happy is set to be your new go-to foun­da­tion.

What was the i dea be­hind Hello Happy?

We knew i t was t i me t hat we had to do a more mod­ern f oun­da­tion and we wanted i t to have Ben­e­fit ’ s DNA. We wanted to study skin tones f rom all over t he world and spent t wo years on t hat be­fore we even star ted work­ing on t he prod­uct. We wanted to keep i t ver y easy and approachable. We were able to t ar­get t welve shades t hat ad­dress ever yone f rom t he deeper spec­trum to t he l i ghter end.

What makes Hello Happy dif fer­ent?

Hello Happy gives you t his nat­u­ral blur­ring ef f ect , which i s great es­pe­cially i n Asia where I t hink ever ybody wants to l ook l i ke t hem­selves only bet­ter. We wanted to keep t he f or­mula l i ghtweight so we de­vel­oped t hese ver y spe­cial sof t- f ocus op­ti­cal blur­ring spheres. It’ s a com­bi­na­tion of three dif­fer­ent pow­ders that makes the foun­da­tion glide on your skin.

How does Hello Happy con­vey Ben­e­fit ’s mes­sage of i nstant beauty so­lu­tions?

This foun­da­tion is so Ben­e­fit. It’ s all happy, happy, happy! I think the fact that there are only twelve colours makes it in­stantly easy to find your shade. We’ve sim­pli­fied ev­ery­thing. We’ re not talk­ing high tech­nol­ogy or spe­cial ap­pli­ca­tion. In­stant beauty so­lu­tions= su­per easy. I can put it on and it will solve my beauty dilemma.

What i nspired Hello Happy’s name and pack­ag­ing?

When we name a prod­uct, i t all star t s with a stor y tellin g. We knew we wanted a beau­ti­ful , nat­u­ral- l ook­ing f oun­da­tion. I f you put t his on, how does i t make your skin l ook? You’re happy. Ever yone wants to be happy. The name re­ally came f rom an as­pi­ra­tional as­pect of how you f eel when you wear t his f oun­da­tion.

You’ve been with Ben­e­fit f or a l ong ti me now. What ad­vice for hav­ing a suc­cess­ful ca­reer?

The most im­por­tant thing is to be pas­sion­ate and be­lieve in what you do be­cause if you have pas­sion, you can do any­thing. It’ s re­ally im­por­tant to stay true to who you are. Build your strengths, and your op­por­tu­ni­ties will come along. If you go to­wards your pas­sion, you can do any­thing you put your mind to.

How would you de­fine tr ue beauty?

True beauty comes from within, it’ s the abil­ity to f eel re­ally great about your­self. Make- up al­lows and helps you to do it. It’ s not the an­swer, it’ s just a tool. But the most im­por­tant thing that ev­ery girl should do is feel great about who she is, em­brace and cel­e­brate her­self.

Julie Bell rec­om­mends ap­ply­ing Hello Happy with your fin­gers, blend­ing out from the nose out­wards.

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