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Cover girl and KL’s coolest DJ Ash­ley Lau opens up to #TeamCLEO

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For some, mu­sic may just be some­thing that just fill sin the gaps, in the caro ron com­mutes. But for oth­ers, it has the power to trans­port and tran­scend time and place. Fash­ion in­flu­ence r-cum-DJ Ash­ley Lau sees mu­sic as a space­craft de­signed f or her lis­ten­ers to es­cape re­al­ity—even for just brief mo­ments. Known for her in-your-face style and play­ful takes on a th leisure, Ash­ley’ s pas­sion for fash­ion has ex­tended to the realm of mu­sic mix­ing. De­spite be­ing in the same in­dus­try as her sis­ter, Jane Chuck( also a so­cial me­dia in­flu­ence randa DJ ), Ash­ley has her own ec­cen­tric style and ap­proach to life, fash­ion and mu­sic that sets them both apart. While her Ins tag ram per­son a is edgy and the cool-girl im­age may seem in­tim­i­dat­ing, Ash­ley is the op­po­site in per­son. On­set with # TeamCLEO, it was clear that be­neath Ash­ley’ s calm and com­posed ex­te­rior is a warm, friendly and funny girl who’s also# ex­tra all the time (in her words !). In this ex­clu­sive Cover Story, Ash­ley rocked th­ese tin the lat­est Coach xS elena Gomez threads and spoke about how she loves stay­ing in( yet know show to get the party started !), and how alt-rock and sad-girl mu­sic also has an in­flu­ence on her. Ash­ley is the em­bod­i­ment of con­trasts—ands he know show to own it.

When did you star t get­ting i nto mix­ing mu­sic and who was your i nspi­ra­tion prior to you j oin­ing the DJ scene?

I t hink i t has been al­most a year since I got i nto mix­ing. I ’ ve been to a l ot of mu­sic f es­ti­vals and I got i nspired by all t he DJs around t he world. I ’ ve been to To­mor­row­land i n Bel­gium and i t was crazy! That

“I hon­estly re­ally like Bella Ha­did and Dua Lipa be­cause they have their own unique style and they know how to rock it.”

ex­pe­ri­ence made me feel like try­ing it and I’ ve al­ways liked mu­sic any­way so I fig­ured why not share all t he good mu­sic with oth­ers. That’ s re­ally how I got into DJing.

What were some of your ear­li­est mem­ory of mu­sic?

Def­i­nitely rock mu­sic! I re­mem­ber Sim­ple Plan and Paramore — some of my ear­li­est mem­o­ries of mu­sic.

How would you de­scribe your sets?

Hmm, I would say t hat my sets area lit­tle bit dif­fer­ent be­cause I would play all kinds of mu­sic. I’ m an open-for­mat DJ so it’ s al­ways dif­fer­ent. Some­times I would play more” party” mu­sic and some­times f or events I usu­ally get into more disco-type of mu­sic.

What’s the hard­est part about l earn­ing how to DJ and mix?

Ac­tu­ally, mix­ing it­self is not that hard. The chal­leng­ing part is read­ing t he crowd and know­ing what kind of mu­sic or tune they like danc­ing to. If they are bored of the mu­sic, then no one would be on t he dance­floor and t hey would just move away. So I don’t pre-se­lect the songs I’ m play­ing, nor­mally I would see what vibe the crowd is giv­ing and tweak ac­cord­ingly. If they are not mov­ing and danc­ing, t hen I would def­i­nitely change it—it’ s all about trust­ing your gutin­stinct some­times.

Are there any DJs out there that you think peo­ple should know more about?

I re­ally l i ke DJ Peggy Gou and DJ Yaeji. Peggy Gou is based in Bel­gium while Yaeji is based in UK, if I’ m not mis­taken. I think peo­ple should lis­ten to them be­cause they are re­ally cool and Peggy Gou’s style is re­ally nice! When I say cool, I’ m talk­ing about how they play their mu­sic dur­ing their sets, their char­ac­ter­is­tics and the vibe they have when they are spin­ning. I hope some­day I get to be like t hem and have my own style of DJing.

I f you could ex­plore a new mu­sic genre, what would i t be?

I want to get into more emo­tional, sad type of mu­sic, if that makes sense? Mu­sic t hat would bring my lis­ten­ers on a jour­ney—deeper and more per­sonal. It’ s dif­fer­ent from any kind of genre be­cause peo­ple usu­ally like to lis­ten to party mu­sic but with this one it’ s more for peo­ple who are sad or t hose who just went through a break up .[ laughs] I want them to be in their own world when they lis­ten to this type of genre.

What kind of prepa­ra­tions do you do f or your sets?

I def­i­nitely prac­tice be­fore I play any of my sets . I need to make sure that I’ ve got the songs right, and the most im­por­tant thing is that my pen drive is work­ing, right? Other wise, I can­not play any mu­sic but so far my pen drive has never failed me, so... Touch wood!

Have you ever thought of do­ing your own track or make your own songs?

Yes, I’ ve thought about it, but it’ s not as easy as it sounds so maybe it will take some time un­til I get the op­por­tu­nity to pro­duce my own mu­sic. I think my favourite genre is some­thing like Ja­panese disco—it’ s very mod­ern yet it’ s also retro.

We know your sis­ter, Jane Chuck i s also a DJ and an i nflu­encer. Have you ever felt l i ke you were com­pared to her i n any way?

For me, not re­ally be­cause we’re both very sup­port­ive of each other. We play gigs to­gether—like a duo—so it’ s ac­tu­ally quite fun. We both love mu­sic and it’ s some­thing t hat we can share to­gether.

We l ove how you’re rock­ing Coach x Se­lena Gomez on this shoot! What i s your top pick of the col­lec­tion?

Thank you! My ab­so­lute favei st hes lip dress be­cause it’ s so fem­i­nine and ver­sa­tile. The last time I was at Coach ella, I wore some­thing like this. It’ s cute!

What do you con­sider a “Malaysian” st yle of dress­ing? What do you think i nflu­ences our fash­ion scene?

To me, f ash­ion i n Malaysia i s re­ally about com­fort. It’ s very laid-back, prob­a­bly be­cause Malaysians are still not soda ring when it comes to try­ing dif­fer­ent styles. We’ re used to the comfy, flip-fl ops ev­ery­day look. That’ s the true Malaysian style, I feel.

What does your t yp­i­cal day l ook l i ke?

I usu­ally watch an­ime. [Laughs] I l ove to watch ’At­tack on Ti­tan’ or any other ro­man­tic com­edy an­ime be­cause I re­ally l i ke t he graph­ics and t he an­i­ma­tion. I ’m re­ally i nto Ja­panese and Korean i nflu­ences , so t hat ’s some­thing I do on my day of f.

De­scribe your­self in five words.

Cool, f ash­ion­able, unique, f unny and weird. Weird be­cause I f eel l i ke I ’m su­per ex­tra all t he t i me! [Laughs]

What’s the one thing peo­ple don’t know about you?

I t hink peo­ple don’t know t hat I watch an­ime. Be­cause to me, t hey al­ways t hink t hat I ’m cool on t he out­side. Plus , an­ime i s ver y car toon- i sh and can be child­ish.

We know fash­ion and mu­sic are your mid­dle names, what are some of t hings that you would want to ex­plore next?

Hmm... I can’t men­tion any­thing yet be­cause I am work­ing on some­thing r i ght now so.. . Stay t uned f or t hat!

“I can’t live with­out my phone, my power bank, my credit card! Oh yeah, and In­ter­net!”

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