So you want my job?

Hany Cheng finds so lace and suc­cess in nur­tur­ing the fu­ture gen­er­a­tions through her so­cial en­ter­prise, Havan Cloth­ing.


How did coun­selling help with start­ing your own so­cial en­ter­prise, Havan Cloth­ing?

Put aside the the­o­ries and skills, be­ing hu­man­is­tic, gen­uine and non- judge­men­tal are es­sen­tial f or coun­selling chil­dren. When we star ted Havan Cloth­ing —an or­gan­i­sa­tion that turns shel­ter- home chil­dren’s ar t work into cloth­ing de­signs—be­ing hu­man­is­tic is cru­cial. We are not a busi­ness t hat sells clothes; we are a busi­ness t hat con­nects, em­pow­ers and lifts each other.

What can we ex­pect f rom Havan Cloth­ing, f or the rest of 2018?

We’ve just launched a Su­per­hero - themed cam­paign to ad­dress the is­sues of bul­ly­ing and all our prod­ucts will soon come in kids’ sizes. A lot of our cus­tomers have asked f or smaller sizes , and we’re per­son­ally very fond of the idea of kids empowering other kids .

How do you think you and your busi­ness push f or progress?

I see my­self as an or­di­nary adult who cares for the chil­dren. We don’t need so­phis­ti­cated knowl­edge to make an im­pact .“Be­ing there al­ways” has the power to trans­form a frag­ile life. In or­der to push f or progress , my mantra is al­ways“Be con­sis­tent ”. Keep­ing this man train my mind has guided my work and Havan Cloth­ing.

”When they are work­ing on the art projects, there is no fil­ter­ing. They are free — there is no right or wrong, and they are in con­trol.”

Kids’ sizes com­ing soon!

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