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Meet this mod­ern- day no­mad who’s set­tled into Malaysia (for now!)

As a third cul­ture kid, Pixie Ci­gar is a mod­ern- day no­mad who calls the world her home. This i s her stor y.

Mov­ing away can be over whelm­ing f or most peo­ple. The t hought of star t i ng over, get­ting used to new sur­round­ings and i n most cases , cul­tural and l an­guage bar­ri­ers can be i ntim­i­dat­ing. How­ever, f or Pixie Ci­gar — a COO at Na­tion Build­ing School and t he f ounder of Com­mu­nity Builders Union i n Malaysia — mov­ing i s all about ex­plor­ing and break­ing bound­aries. Born i n Los An­ge­les, with Cana­dian- Chi­nese and Ro­mani- Gypsy blood, Pixie is a third cul­ture kid who grew up l i ving a no­madic lif e. Learn­ing to adapt and ac­cli­mat­ing her­self to dif f er­ent l i f est yles wasn’t a chal­lenge — rather, i t was some­thing t hat was em­bed­ded i n her and her f am­ily. Af ter l i ving i n China f or a num­ber of years , Pixie de­cided to move to Malaysia, ex­plor­ing a whole new ter­ri­tor y and mak­ing i t her home. Here, # TeamCLEO t alks to Pixie to know more about her j our­ney and what has helped shape her t hrough t he peri­patetic na­ture of her l i f e. Pixie, were there any sig­nif­i­cant mo­ments in your life that shape the way you are to­day? We moved a lot and we didn’t know how to ad­just our­selves. My par­ents weren’t nec­es­sar­ily t here to help us adapt, so me be­ing t he el­dest , I would al­ways be t he one that would go out and find the lo­cal mar­kets, learn the way to get to school and all that. It’ s re­ally about l earn­ing how to adapt. The most sig­nif­i­cant thing I learned is the art of ask­ing. You have to have put aside your shy­ness when ask­ing f or help. Is home some­thing that ex­ists within you, or is it more some­thing phys­i­cal? Def­i­nitely some­thing within me. I ’m not bound by geo­graph­i­cal lo­ca­tion. I’ ve al­ways lived away from my fam­ily, as we all went to dif­fer­ent schools in other parts of the coun­try. I ac­tu­ally went to a board­ing mil­i­tary school and I loved it there! As long as I have a bed for the night, that is my home. What did you l earn from each place you vis­ited? When I went to Ja­pan, I just loved how com­fort­able t hey are with them­selves and their tra­di­tions. In China, Xian par­tic­u­larly, I ex­pe­ri­enced true com­mu­nity. You can reach out to peo­ple and be as much part of the place. Any ad­vice to any­one who wants to get out there? Just try it. What’ s the worst thing t hat ’s go­ing to hap­pen? Some day you are go­ing to re­gret the fact that you didn’t try some­thing.

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