Melissa and Jas­mine Hem­s­ley


Melissa and Jas­mine Hem­s­ley are London-based sis­ters who run a cater­ing business that has healthy, mind­ful eat­ing at its core. We’re thrilled to be fea­tur­ing recipes from their first cook­book this month in Get your Glow On 218(page 218).

HON­ESTLY, HOW FIT ARE YOU? M: “Around an 8 – I feel strong and have lots of en­ergy. I love to start the day with a work­out of some kind – a dy­namic yoga class or a run around my neigh­bour­hood.” J: “Also an 8. Re­cently I walked into an aer­o­bics-style body pump class – some­thing I haven’t done for years – and did it with ease. Must have been the great mu­sic and free rein to jump about like a loon. But man, my body ached for days!”

HAVE YOU EVER FALLEN FOR A FOOD OR FIT­NESS FAD? M: “I’ve al­ways been aware of how food made me feel, and I steer clear of fads. But they are very well mar­keted so I’m not sur­prised by how many there are.” J: “Soy ‘meat al­ter­na­tive chicken breasts’ about 10 years ago was a low point! Other than that I don’t ‘fall’ for much.”

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