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ELLE (Malaysia) - - CALENDAR - By Tengku Zai

WHAT Con­cen­trated Gin­seng Nour­ish­ing Fa­cial (RM288 for 1 hr)

WHERE Sul­wha­soo, Park­son Pavil­ion, KL. Tel: 03 2110 6218

WHY WE LOVE IT Life is all about bal­ance. But we jug­gle the var­i­ous hats we wear or stress over try­ing to re­lax and un­wind. Th­ese stresses and other fac­tors don’t just af­fect us emotionally but phys­i­cally too. As a re­sult, our skin be­comes un­bal­anced, which is no­tice­able when the com­plex­ion be­comes dry or oily with lines or blem­ishes.

Ac­cord­ing to an­cient Korean tra­di­tion, at­tain­ing har­mony in the mind, body and spirit is key to achiev­ing bal­ance — even for the skin. We’re in­clined to take Sul­wha­soo’s word for it; they are com­mit­ted to Korean Herbal Medic­i­nal Skin­care, and give their Con­cen­trated Gin­seng Nour­ish­ing Fa­cial a try. The fa­cial prom­ises to re­store the skin through a heal­ing method called Sang-Seng, where Jeong (el­e­ments), Gi (en­ergy) and Shin (spirit) are har­monised.

All the lux­ury holis­tic brand’s prod­ucts con­tain min­er­als and nu­tri­ents. This boosts Jeong in the skin while your ther­a­pist’s touch brings warm Gi to the body, thus en­abling the skin’s Shin to be at its best.

To start, my ther­a­pist uses a process called Sul­wha­jeong, a con­cept that orig­i­nated dur­ing the Joseon Dy­nasty and has been prac­tised by Korean royal fam­i­lies. I get to pick be­tween four scents — pine for stress re­lief, aloes wood for con­cen­tra­tion and fo­cus, san­dal­wood to al­le­vi­ate in­som­nia or prunus mume for re­lax­ation and hap­pi­ness — which is in­cor­po­rated into a dry cloth for a face mas­sage. Then, the rit­ual en­sues.

First is a dou­ble cleans­ing method which uses oil to re­move any im­pu­ri­ties, and then a cleans­ing foam. This is fol­lowed by a few drops of the First Care Ac­ti­vat­ing Serum, sent deep into the skin with the First Care Mas­sage to in­crease the ab­sorp­tion rate.

What makes this treat­ment ex­cep­tional is the use of jade rings for the fa­cial process. Tra­di­tion­ally, jade is known as a medic­i­nal stone. Ac­cord­ing to Dongui­bogam, a Korean med­i­cal en­cy­clopae­dia, jade has the abil­ity to stim­u­late skin cells, re­plen­ish en­ergy into the skin, in­crease blood cir­cu­la­tion and aid the re­lease of im­pu­ri­ties.

Sul­wha­soo is also among the pi­o­neer brands cham­pi­oning the use of Korean gin­seng in its skin­care prod­ucts. To re­bal­ance the skin, the warm en­ergy of gin­seng in the Sul­wha­soo Con­cen­trated Gin­seng Re­new­ing Cream is met with the cool­ing en­ergy of the two jade rings that are used as a mas­sage tool over the face.

But don’t ex­pect to get an ex­trac­tion dur­ing the fa­cial. Sul­wha­soo be­lieves in the pow­ers of mas­sage to cleanse the skin. My fa­cial­ist ex­plains that forced ex­trac­tion will leave the skin ag­gra­vated, not re­bal­anced.

The process is ut­terly re­lax­ing but all good things must come to an end, and after a quick back mas­sage, I am im­me­di­ately in­vig­o­rated — mind, spirit and skin re­newed — and ready to put my best face for­ward.

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