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Grace Wong tries the spendi­est laser treat­ment in town

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Laser fo­cus

It was nerve-wrack­ing go­ing into this. De­spite at­tend­ing the PICO Gen­e­sis launch where Bernie Chan ex­tolled the next gen treat­ment’s virtues, in­clud­ing how it was in­no­va­tively pain-free, this was still go­ing to be lasers, on my face, for the first time. My mind flashed back to six years ago when a friend had treat­ments and ended up with peely red dots all over her face in a grid. So you un­der­stand why I un­leashed end­less ques­tions at Dr. Bob John: how many ses­sions are needed (one to two if you have “pretty good skin”; around four to six to tackle melasma), how of­ten (one to one-and-ahalf months), and if any­one could truly ben­e­fit from this (yes, be­cause it breaks down tiny ar­eas of pig­ment un­derneath the skin you can’t see, so light re­flects more uni­formly for a no­tice­able glow).

My skin was cleansed and prepped, and then the real work be­gan. The doc­tor first used the laser on my arm to demon­strate how it would feel: like small crack­ling sparks or be­ing snapped with a tiny rub­ber band; slightly ir­ri­tat­ing, but not un­bear­able. On it went to the face, and just one side was treated first so I could com­pare the im­me­di­ate ef­fects. My skin felt softer to the touch with a no­tice­ably smooth tex­ture. Dr Bob then com­pleted the rest, turn­ing up the set­ting to tar­get my dark spots. All in all, the process took just 15 minutes, and my face didn’t even look red af­ter! The only af­ter­care ad­vice was to use sun­screen as per usual.

I write this a month later and the pig­men­ta­tion around my nose and tem­ple has lightly faded while the rest of my skin looks ex­tra clear, like it’s been phys­i­cally scrubbed clean. There’s also a vel­veteen fin­ish where there wasn’t be­fore. The true lit­mus test has al­ways been un­so­licited re­ac­tions from strangers and house­mates, and I re­ceived both. Take this as my full rec­om­men­da­tion for an efficient, ef­fec­tive so­lu­tion against pig­men­ta­tion. The real bonus? If you have the good for­tune of be­ing near a high­way to PJ, you can do this over lunch and still have time to grab a sand­wich for the of­fice.

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