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Fenty Beauty builds upon foun­da­tion with sher tex­tures: high­lights, iri­des­cence and gloss. Here’s a look at our favourites, as ex­plained by riri.

The Match Stix Shim­mer Skinst icks RM105

“I like to look at these Skin­sticks like I look at my clothes. Am I do­ing fun? Am I do­ing alien? Am I do­ing sexy? Am I do­ing ex­tra? Am I do­ing girl next door? You choose.”

Killawatt Freest yle High­lighter RM145

“You can use this on any part of your face: your eyes, your cheeks, your nose bridge, your col­lar­bone. You look at it and think, ‘Is it go­ing to de­liver? … is it go­ing to de­liver?’ Then – BAM! – it de­liv­ers!”

In­visi­matte Blot­ting Pow­der RM130

“I use it ev­ery day and I take it with me wher­ever I go. Ev­ery red car­pet you see me on, this is in my clutch. Ev­ery time.”

In­visi­matte Blot­ting Pa­per RM70

“It is so fun, so small and so cute, and so right-to-the-point. I hate to be shiny, es­pe­cially in pic­tures. I just take this roll out, and give it a lit­tle tear.”

Gloss Bomb RM90

“I made it be­cause I wanted the girls to get kissed more.”

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