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Tyra Banks, model/en­tre­pre­neur: You’re so suc­cess­ful and sur­rounded by peo­ple who want to please you. Who gives it to you straight? For me, it’s my mama. Rihanna: They all fake, LOL, and fired! Eminem, rap­per: You don’t seem like you’re ever think­ing about trends when you go in the stu­dio, yet you end up set­ting them. What are you look­ing at when you start your record­ing process? Rihanna: I rarely know ex­actly what I want to do, but al­ways know ex­actly how I want it to make me feel. Feel­ing al­ways leads the sound! Wy­clef Jean, rap­per: The last time I saw you was at the World Cup. If you could be any foot­ball player in the world, who would it be? Rihanna: Cris­tiano Ron­aldo. But then again, Beck­ham did marry Posh Spice. Laura Kim and Fer­nando Gar­cia, de­sign­ers, Os­car de la Renta: What’s your best vin­tage find? Rihanna: On New Year’s Eve, 2016, I bought this cos­tume from 1952 that was worn in the movie Sin­gin’ in the Rain. Tricky St ewart, record pro­ducer: Do you re­mem­ber the first time a crowd gave you goose bumps singing all the lyrics to your song in con­cert? Rihanna: Yes! I was on tour, and the whole crowd started singing Take a Bow word for word… to the point that I couldn’t even sing. They per­formed the en­tire song for me. April Bloom­field, chef: What do you cook when you want a lit­tle com­fort?

Rihanna: Ba­jan mac­a­roni pie, which is our ver­sion of a baked mac ’n’ cheese. Zac Posen, de­signer: What’s your se­cret fam­ily recipe? Rihanna: It’s a se­cret! [Laughs.] But they make a mean “cook-up” and pep­per pot. Both are Guyanese recipes. Jac­quie Aiche, jew­ellery de­signer: What’s your favourite body part? Rihanna: Well, my favourite body parts on pretty much any woman are the col­lar­bone and shoul­ders. Charli XCX, singer/song­writer: What’s your ul­ti­mate karaoke song? Rihanna: Bon Jovi, Livin’ on a Prayer; Jour­ney, Don’t Stop Believin’; Brandy and Mon­ica, The Boy Is Mine.

Danielle St eel, au­thor: I love your shoe pas­sion, es­pe­cially your col­lab­o­ra­tion with Manolo Blah­nik. How much of the de­sign­ing do they let you do?

Rihanna: They re­ally give me all the cre­ative free­dom I could ask for, but of course I have this unique op­por­tu­nity to work with Mr Blah­nik him­self, so his ex­per­tise is al­ways more than wel­come! Gary Ross, di­rec­tor, Ocean’s8: What’s the first thing I should do when I get to Bar­ba­dos? Rihanna: [Fast-food] Che­fette and a rum punch!

Kelly Fields, chef (Willa Jean, New Or­leans): Your pref­er­ences in fash­ion and art ap­pear to em­brace the en­tire scale of high­brow/low­brow – which is how I like to cook. I’d love to know if your pref­er­ences in munchies run along that same scale?

Rihanna: You mean KFC on a pri­vate jet is not nor­mal?

Lav­erne Cox, ac­tress: You’ve had so many iconic fash­ion mo­ments and take so many risks. The CFDA Awards Adam Sel­man dress in 2014 – what gave you the courage to take that risk that was so per­fect and el­e­gant yet dar­ing?

Rihanna: Dear Lav­erne, I took ad­van­tage of my tit­ties be­fore they go south. I saw my win­dow, and I took it.

Phar­rell Wil­liams, mu­si­cian/pro­ducer: You’re a plu­ral­ist in ev­ery sense of the word. Did you al­ways have these dreams to do so many things, in ad­di­tion to be­ing an artist? Or have you just fig­ured that out along the way that there are other things you can do very well?

Rihanna: I’ve al­ways been a dreamer… or let’s just say I kept my op­tions open. In my heart, I knew singing was gonna be in my fu­ture, but I con­sid­ered psy­chol­ogy, hair­dress­ing, bank­ing, teach­ing, act­ing, mod­el­ling, avi­a­tion and phi­lan­thropy. I just didn’t know I’d pretty much be do­ing all of these things even­tu­ally!

David Cop­per­field, ma­gi­cian: I’m not kid­ding, this is a real of­fer: I can make you dis­ap­pear and reap­pear any­where in the world. Where do you want to go, and why?

Rihanna: Ten min­utes be­fore I lost my vir­gin­ity… and I’m hold­ing you to that of­fer [ laughs]. Emilio Vi­tolo, restau­ra­teur (Emilio’s Bal­lato, New York City): What’s the name of the soup dish that’s the most pop­u­lar in our re­gion of Italy? Rihanna: It’s my favourite on your menu… pasta e fa­gi­oli. A$AP Rocky, rap­per: Tu­pac, Bob Mar­ley, and Time: F**k? Marry? Kill? Rihanna: Shit, well, we stay killing Time. F**k Tu­pac. Marry Bob, duh. Olivia Wilde, ac­tress: What’s the most valu­able mis­take you’ve learned from? Rihanna: No cheese for Jay Brown be­fore a flight. Pa­tri­cia Field, stylist: Would you con­sider hav­ing a cock­tail with me some­time in the near fu­ture? I’d like to get to know you bet­ter. (Not hit­ting on you.) Rihanna: Your place or mine?

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