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Libra Septem­ber 24 – Oc­to­ber 23

You are about to step into a whole new level of spir­i­tual ex­pan­sion, Libra. Ex­pect to feel some dis­com­fort as many of your old, cher­ished prin­ci­ples and ideals are tested. You will come to see that a lot of what you be­lieved to be true is false. Do not be de­jected by this. Ride this wave of trans­for­ma­tion with pa­tience and an open mind and you will come through to the other side with a pow­er­ful new ap­proach to life. This is a beau­ti­ful be­gin­ning that marks the start of a suc­cess­ful and happy time for you. You will look back at this time with a sense of grat­i­tude, won­der and joy.

Aquarius Jan­uary 21 – Fe­bru­ary 19

Author­ity fig­ures such as par­ents, bosses or teach­ers, are go­ing to test your pa­tience. It may feel like they don’t un­der­stand or want to sup­port you – this is not true. What ap­pear to be in­sur­mount­able prob­lems can be solved through clear com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Take the time to un­der­stand what’s go­ing on and talk it out.

Gemini May 22 – June 21

This is go­ing to be a happy month. Take time to have fun with friends and loved ones. Travel if you can. You’ll come home feel­ing in­spired to cre­ate some­thing new and this en­ergy will flow into all as­pects of your life. If you’ve been think­ing of start­ing a busi­ness, now is a good time. Go with the flow and fol­low your in­tu­ition.

Scor­pio Oc­to­ber 24 – Novem­ber 22

The theme of the month is wealth, Scor­pio. You will be the happy re­cip­i­ent of un­ex­pected fi­nan­cial win­nings or op­por­tu­ni­ties that lead to ad­di­tional in­come. All of this will fill you with deep grat­i­tude. You can ex­pect this phase of pros­per­ity to last well into the early part of 2018.

Pisces Fe­bru­ary 20 – March 20

You are about ex­pe­ri­ence a deep detox on spir­i­tual and emo­tional lev­els. It’s not go­ing to be pleas­ant but when it’s over, you’ll feel like a new per­son. You may have to let go of some ma­te­rial pos­ses­sions and even peo­ple in your life. Al­low these re­leases to hap­pen nat­u­rally. De­toxes oc­cur just be­fore amaz­ing new be­gin­nings.

Cancer June 22 – July 23

This is a good time to re­con­nect with fam­ily mem­bers you haven’t seen in a while. The strength of your fam­ily re­la­tion­ships will re­flect on your health and per­sonal fi­nances. You may ex­pe­ri­ence a sud­den change in di­rec­tion in your busi­ness or ca­reer but don't be alarmed. It's an im­por­tant shift that will open the door to new pos­si­bil­i­ties.

Sagit­tar­ius Novem­ber 23 – De­cem­ber 22

The spot­light falls squarely on you, Sagit­tar­ius. You can look for­ward to a fun­filled, event­ful month with lots of par­ties and ex­cit­ing so­cial gath­er­ings. You’re not al­ways in the mood for crowds but you’ll be in­spired to at­tend many of these get-to­geth­ers. You are ex­ud­ing pos­i­tive en­ergy that at­tracts other peo­ple to you.

Aries March 21 – April 20

Take a break from your­self this month and fo­cus on oth­ers. Peo­ple will not for­get your kind­ness and gen­eros­ity. Al­low­ing your­self to sup­port oth­ers will cre­ate a pow­er­ful en­er­getic shift. It’s good karma that will re­turn to you when you need it most. Don’t worry, you will get what you want. Just not right now.

Leo July 24 – Au­gust 23

Things will be ex­tremely quiet on the ca­reer front. You might no­tice a dip in in­come. Don’t panic. This is not a per­ma­nent sit­u­a­tion. This peace­ful time is for you to rest and re­flect on you true de­sires. You are about to en­ter a very busy pe­riod and this is your op­por­tu­nity to get some clar­ity on your work or busi­ness goals.

Capricorn De­cem­ber 23 – Jan­uary 20

You are feel­ing mo­ti­vated and com­pet­i­tive. Your ca­reer is about to take off and you need a pow­er­ful at­ti­tude to go to the next level. Your en­ergy is high and in­tense. Fol­low your in­stincts when it comes to work-re­lated de­ci­sions and you won’t go wrong. Your friends and fam­ily are happy to sup­port you as you go for your dreams.

Taurus April 21 – May 21

Love is in the air. If you are sin­gle, there is a good chance that you will meet your soul­mate. If you are mar­ried or in a se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ship, the bond you have with your part­ner will strengthen. This deeper level of in­ti­macy will be sparked by un­ex­pected cir­cum­stances or chal­lenges. The two of you will get through it and come out closer than ever.

Virgo Au­gust 24 – Septem­ber 23

Money plays a dom­i­nant role in your life over the next weeks. Your fi­nan­cial in­stincts are stronger than they’ve been for a long time and de­ci­sions you make now can lead to in­cred­i­ble wealth in years to come. Keep your eye on the big pic­ture. Go­ing af­ter “fast money” will take you from win­ner to loser in the blink of an eye.

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