Escape! Malaysia - - Editor’s Note - MELISSA LOR­RAINE CHUA

SHALL WE SPEAK OF END­INGS? Per­haps here, at the end, it would be poignant to speak of be­gin­nings in­stead.

In the be­gin­ning, there was light. There was in­spi­ra­tion and cre­ativ­ity that sparked and grew into a col­lec­tive tome of our trav­els, of cul­tural rev­e­la­tions, of our de­sires to cre­ate some­thing truly homegrown and authentic. Our hearts poured out into colour swatches, tear sheets, mind maps, mood boards, swathes of pa­per that bloomed into some­thing more.

Then came life. We grew and flew, and touched and tasted, and savoured ev­ery new ex­pe­ri­ence. We strove to find the new in the mun­dane, to find the al­ter­na­tive in the well-trod­den. We were small, but we were true.

And now, we pay our re­spects and give thanks to the ones who have helped us along the way. We had a dream and now we awake. We were blessed. We move on. Life grows again.

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