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A trip to Kawa­goe from Nikko will take us back to Asakusa sta­tion us­ing the Limited Ex­press Spa­cia train, fol­lowed by three train trans­fers – Ginza line to Ueno Sta­tion, Ya­man­ote line to Ike­bukuro sta­tion and lastly the Tobu-tojo line to Kawa­g­oeshi sta­tion.

In Kawa­goe, the well-known spots in­clude Kita-in Tem­ple, Taisho Ro­man Street,

Candy Al­ley and the Mini Edo Vil­lage. The Kawa­goe’s Kita-in tem­ple is the head of Bud­dism in the Kanto Re­gion. Among its halls are the only re­main­ing palace build­ings of the former Edo Cas­tle. Orig­i­nally part of a three-tem­ple com­plex built in 830, Kita-in flour­ished and be­came the main tem­ple at the turn of the 17th cen­tury un­der the lead­er­ship of Tenkai, an ex­tra­or­di­nary per­son­al­ity who de­vel­oped trusted friend­ships with the first three shoguns of the Edo Pe­riod.

The Taisho Ro­man Street, lo­cated be­tween Kawa­goe and the Ware­house District is known to sell Ja­panese sou­venirs, snacks and sweets which is why it is known as the Candy Al­ley. Build­ings here are con­structed in Ku­razukuri style, where wood and clay walls de­signs are used to make it fire­proof. Just a short dis­tance from the main street stands the Bell Tower, a land­mark and sym­bol of Kawa­goe which chimes four times a day (6:00, 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00).

Kawa­goe is fa­mous for its Kawa­goe Fes­ti­val. It started more than 360 years ago and is cel­e­brated an­nu­ally for two days on the third week­end of Oc­to­ber in the Ware­house District. It in­volves the parad­ing of tall, elab­o­rately dec­o­rated floats through the streets of the city. The floats are mostly 190 years old and weigh around 4000 to 5000 kilo­grams. six peo­ple will be danc­ing in­side one float, bat­tling with oth­ers to show their spirit while 70 adult men will be pulling it. Those hop­ing for a feel of the fes­ti­val may visit the Kawa­goe Fes­ti­val Mu­seum for a glimpse of the ex­pe­ri­ence. It houses a cou­ple of floats and puts on pe­ri­od­i­cal shows to sim­u­late the at­mos­phere of the fes­ti­val.

ABOVE FROM TOP Kawa­goe’s Kita-in tem­ple is one of the fa­mous Bud­dhist tem­ple in Kanto

The Taisho Ro­man Street which is known for Ja­panese sou­venirs, snacks and sweets

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