On the won­ders of ceram­ics, brand trans­for­ma­tion and the par­al­lel suc­cess of Andy Mur­ray and Rado.

Esquire Malaysia Watch Guide - - Special Feature - CEO of Rado

ESQ: When it comes to Rado, do you feel that it could lose the brand lead­er­ship in the pro­duc­tion of ce­ramic watches? MATTHIAS BRESCHAN: No, it has never lost its lead­er­ship in this sec­tor. How­ever, we have al­ways de­signed for a very loyal clien­tele, but to pro­pose new de­signs we needed to get the younger set. Also, there were many brands sell­ing ce­ramic watches for USD200 or USD300. For a con­sumer it was not easy to un­der­stand why Rado watches cost two or three thou­sand when you could get one for a tenth of that price. Our ce­ramic has a much higher qual­ity. For ex­am­ple, with all the oth­ers, the cen­ter­pieces are sur­rounded by ce­ramic steel, while we build ev­ery­thing in one ce­ramic block.

ESQ: Does Rado give what the con­sumers want? MB: Cer­tainly. 2012 was the best year in Rado’s his­tory, and the same hap­pened in 2013. I am con­vinced that 2014 will also be the same.

ESQ: Is the brand trans­for­ma­tion com­plete? MB: No. We will present two new fam­i­lies but also go back to iconic styles. We are re­turn­ing to what made Rado strong in the past. Our next big step will be that th­ese changes are vis­i­ble to the con­sumer.

ESQ: How big is your depart­ment de­voted to re­search and de­vel­op­ment?

MB: To cre­ate the Rado Touch we worked to­gether with peo­ple from re­search and de­vel­op­ment of pot­tery man­u­fac­ture, the bat­tery, the hands and move­ments. Therein lies the great strength of the group: we do not de­pend on ex­ter­nal pro­duc­ers.

ESQ: How much more can you move for­ward with ce­ramic?

MB: No limit. As it is not a nat­u­ral ma­te­rial, we can achieve more resistant qual­i­ties.

ESQ: How did you de­cide that ten­nis was the right part­ner­ship for Rado? Did you con­sider other sports?

MB: Rado was in­volved with ten­nis for a long time. After the pre­vi­ous part­ner­ship ended, we brought it back again two years ago be­cause it still shares the same val­ues as the brand.

ESQ: Was Andy Mur­ray your first choice?

MB: Yes, ab­so­lutely. For his per­son­al­ity and be­cause we saw his po­ten­tial.

ESQ: Does the re­la­tion­ship of the brand with ten­nis work?

MB: Sure, thanks in part to the suc­cess of Andy Mur­ray and be­cause we do things dif­fer­ently. We do not put our logo ev­ery­where. For ex­am­ple, with the court col­lec­tion we have dif­fer­ent colours rep­re­sent­ing the three types of ten­nis court sur­faces. We do that so the con­sumer has a real and au­then­tic per­cep­tion of what we are do­ing.

ESQ: What can you tell us about the Dia­mas­ter col­lec­tion?

MB: Com­pareto the Hyper­chrome col­lec­tion it is more clas­sic. It also has the unique fea­ture of hav­ing afive-joints ce­ramic bracelet, which is ex­tremely dif­fi­cult to make. We just re­leased the first pieces and the sales have been amaz­ing.

ESQ: Do you have a strat­egy to in­crease the num­ber of stores?

MB: In Asia cur­rently we have 90 Rado stand-alone stores. The strat­egy de­pends on the coun­try, if we have good sales part­ners and loyal, we op­er­ate with them. If we find part­ners, we will op­er­ate.

ESQ: How im­por­tant are the spe­cial edi­tions?

MB: Ev­ery year we do them. Last year was a prod­uct that was called RW1 with the new sil­i­con ni­tride ce­ramic. We also mod­i­fied the move­ment to make it lighter. The en­tire watch weighs 68g.

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