Mont­blanc’s new Her­itage Chronométrie Dual Time makes an ideal new travel part­ner for fre­quent fly­ers.

Esquire Malaysia Watch Guide - - 10 Watches of 2015 - Words by Re­mus Ng

THE MONT­BLANC Her­itage Chronométrie Col­lec­tion truly rocked SIHH 2015 ear­lier this year with of­fer­ings that ranged from highly ac­claimed time­pieces (who can for­get the now fa­mous Ex­oTour­bil­lon time­pieces?) to more af­ford­able num­bers that proved to be ex­cel­lent bang for your buck. One of the pieces in this col­lec­tion—the Mont­blanc Her­itage Chronométrie Dual Time—has made it onto our top 10 list for the year, and when we tell you why, we bet it’ll be on yours too.

This watch is very much a time­piece for the busi­ness trav­eller who needs to jug­gle time zones eas­ily and with­out any fuss. Func­tion in form is key to de­scrib­ing the Dual Time be­cause the watch al­lows the wearer to re­fer to two time zones si­mul­ta­ne­ously—at home and at the des­ti­na­tion, for ex­am­ple.

A bold blue hand points to­wards the hour at the trav­eller’s home, or orig­i­nat­ing, time zone. The trav­eller can then set the sec­ond golden hour hand for the lo­cal time of his des­ti­na­tion. This is done eas­ily via the crown’s sec­ond po­si­tion, which moves the hand either for­wards or back­wards in one-hour in­cre­ments. Ad­just­ing either hour hand does not af­fect the cen­tral minute hand, coloured in the same gold tone as the lo­cal time’s hour hand, or the small sec­onds in­di­cated at six o’clock. As an added ben­e­fit, a sim­ple ad­just­ment via the beau­ti­fully signed crown also al­lows time changes for day­light sav­ings.

In ad­di­tion, a 24-hour sub-dial at 12 o’clock re­minds the wearer if it is day or night back home. How­ever, the date is synced to the lo­cal time of the des­ti­na­tion—this helps the trav­eller keep track of dates as he moves across the In­ter­na­tional Date Line.

The watch is crafted in the el­e­gant size of 41mm and slim enough, at 9.97mm, to slide eas­ily un­der a suit or white­washed cuffed sleeves. The sil­ver pearles­cent dial fea­tures a re­fined sunburst pat­tern that is mes­meris­ing to look at, be­cause it glow­ingly re­flects light at dif­fer­ent an­gles, as en­hanced by a domed sap­phire crys­tal. In­dices are pol­ished and faceted to match the style of the watch, while a prom­i­nent Ara­bic numeral 12 acts as the key­stone. A pol­ished steel case with a sati­nated bezel brings it all to­gether ef­fort­lessly. Fi­nally, the curved lugs on the watch hand­somely hold a black al­li­ga­tor leather strap with a triple fold­ing buckle, cre­ated at Mont­blanc’s very own pel­let­te­ria in Florence, Italy.

Man­u­fac­tured in-house, the Dual-Time Cal­i­bre MB 29.19 was con­cep­tu­alised and de­vel­oped by Mont­blanc it­self. The watch com­prises an au­to­matic move­ment with 42 hours of power on re­serve and beats at a brisk 28,800bph.

By per­fectly com­bin­ing both form and func­tion, the Mont­blanc Her­itage Chronométrie Dual Time makes a per­fect trav­el­ling com­pan­ion, help­ing you keep track of time through­out your trav­els while of­fer­ing a con­stant, steady re­minder of home. We think you might want to get one be­fore your next trip out.

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