MAHB: Funny joke from a beau­ti­ful woman

As told by Karena Teo.

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A WIFE comes home late one night and qui­etly en­ters the master bed­room. Un­der the blan­ket, she sees four legs. She reaches for a base­ball bat and starts hit­ting the fig­ures as hard as she can. Once she’s done, she heads to the kitchen for a drink. As she en­ters, she sees her hus­band there, read­ing a mag­a­zine. “Hi dar­ling,” he says. “Your par­ents came to visit, so I let them stay in our bed­room. Did you say hello?”

ABOUT THE JOKESTER in an arena chock-full of su­per­stars and celebri­ties, where egos and per­son­al­i­ties are stroked and stoked, it can be taboo to clas­sify some­one as hol­low in the skull. but that’s ex­actly what Karena teo, one of the most in­de­mand ac­tresses in malaysia to­day, has done to be­come, well, one of the most in-de­mand ac­tresses in malaysia. “you have to be mod­est and cour­te­ous, es­pe­cially in this in­dus­try,” she says. “think of your mind­set like an empty glass, which you fill with crit­i­cism and ideas. be­ing self-ef­fac­ing is def­i­nitely the big­gest les­son i’ve learnt so far.” and how far the 28-year-old from Jo­hor bahru has come, land­ing ma­jor roles in films and on tv, as well as be­ing om­ni­scient on mag­a­zine cov­ers. Karena con­fesses that be­com­ing a show­biz stal­wart was never her goal in life (“the cra­zi­est thing i’ve ever done”), and that she even en­tered the in­dus­try with­out her par­ents’ bless­ing. “when i first started act­ing, i was like a blank can­vas,” she re­mem­bers. “i didn’t know any­thing about light­ing, po­si­tion­ing and cam­era an­gles. it’s chal­leng­ing when you have to cry ev­ery time the di­rec­tor says, ‘ac­tion’. but i had to over­come it.” th­ese days, she’s the ex­pe­ri­enced ac­tor, but her hum­ble streak will never al­low her to rest on her lau­rels. all this from a stu­dent of bank­ing and fi­nance. “be­ing an artist was never my dream,” Karena says, “but life’s an un­pre­dictable dream.”

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