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you see some­thing that you be­lieve is re­ally good. your go-to ad­jec­tive is:

1. Ter­rific (12)

2. Sweet (10)

3. Awe­some (7)

4. Boss (3) how fre­quently do you use snapchat?

1. Snap-what? (14) 2. Some­times, but I pre­fer In­sta­gram. Feels more per­ma­nent. (7) 3. Ju­u­u­u­u­u­u­u­ust now. (3) what’s the first thing you think of when you hear the phrase “war on drugs”?

1. The Nixon speech. (14) 2. Nancy Rea­gan’s “Just say no.” (8) 3. I hear they’re play­ing Bon­na­roo. (4)

how do you like your Game of Thrones?

1. On TV, real time. (10)

2. On HBO Go, when­ever I have time. (7) 3. On HBO Go, when­ever my par­ents give me their pass­word. (3) who or what is an “austin ma­hone”?

1. The sig­na­ture pile driver of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. (8) 2. Only the most fa­mous sand­wich in the Texas state cap­i­tal! (12) 3. A teen idol who refers to his fans as “Ma­homies”. (4) when you think of Jen­nifer lopez, you think...

1. She peaked in Out of Sight. (14)

2. She brings such heart to the Amer­i­can Idol judge’s ta­ble. (7)

3. You mean that old lady who used to look like Ari­ana Grande? (1)

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