Back it up

We’ve got your back with five ton­ing steps to build up­per body shape and power.

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The work­out: utilise your full body­weight on the hor­i­zon­tal bars— here’s how.

1. Wide arm pull-ups

make sure your hands are set wider apart than your shoul­ders, with an over-hand grip, and per­form a full pull-up, tak­ing your chin over the bar.

2. Close grip chin-ups

with your hands on a re­verse grip and closer than shoul­der-width apart, per­form a full range pull-up. this ex­er­cise puts a big­ger em­pha­sis on the bi­ceps and you should find it slightly eas­ier than with the wide grip.

3. TRX sus­pen­sion rows

the smaller the an­gle be­tween body and floor, the harder it is. with a neu­tral grip, row your body to­wards the han­dles of the trx sus­pen­sion trainer, while squeez­ing your shoul­der blades as you pull.

4. TRX re­verse flys

Cre­ate an an­gle be­tween body and floor, keep arms straight and pull arms back into a cross po­si­tion un­til they are out­stretched. re­turn to start and then re­peat.

5. Back ex­ten­sions (20 reps per set)

lie on your front with feet an­chored into the body­weight sta­tion at the gym. lift shoul­ders and ex­tend your spine, then re­turn to the flat po­si­tion.

Aim for 4 sets of 8–12 reps for each ex­er­cise (un­less oth­er­wise stated) with 60–90secs rest in be­tween.

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