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Who buys a EURO50,000 per­sonal head-fi sys­tem? Two kinds: he of dis­creet dis­cre­tionary in­come (and it is usu­ally a ‘he’); and he who will pawn the fam­ily jewels, at­tached to him and others, af­ter au­di­tion­ing the Sennheiser HE 1, in or­der to raise the nec­es­sary ac­qui­si­tion funds. The HE 1 is a tilt at the crown, a state­ment not merely of en­gi­neer­ing prow­ess by the Ger­man fam­ily-owned com­pany, but its savvy with in­dus­trial de­sign that sells it­self to the HE 1’s mar­ket. Check out the use of Car­rara mar­ble and Parthenon-like lines. Mind you, this isn’t com­prised of just in­vest­ment bankers, baby boomer au­dio­philes and ladies who lunch. “We want to bring the best sound, lis­ten­ing plea­sure and im­mer­sive ex­pe­ri­ence, whether [to] movies, mu­sic or games,” says Sennheiser Asia mar­ket­ing di­rec­tor Martin Low. Games? That would be men in tech with fam­ily jewels, then. www.sennheiser.com

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