A Thou­sand Words

Kuah Jen­han writes a farewell note (as directed by fa­mous di­rec­tors).

Esquire (Malaysia) - - CONTENTS - WORDS by KUAH JEN­HAN

This is a farewell to Esquire’s first and only art di­rec­tor so far, Re­becca Chew. Not long ago, I re-ceived a text from her say­ing that she’s leav­ing. Lost for words, I replied with seven emo­jis (all sad). Re­becca and I are the only ones who have been with Esquire since its first is­sue, in April 2011.

I ad­mire her work, ethos, and per­son pro­foundly but I re­alised I know lit­tle of her. She is a ghost on­line and a ninja in per­son. Two things I know of her are that ASMR (Au­ton­o­mous Sen­sory Meri-dian Re­sponse) record­ings of peo­ple ex­plain­ing things make her sleepy and that she is the big­gest movie buff I know.

So this one is for Re­becca and all the movie buffs out there, with help from a few di­rec­tors. Fade in!

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