Black Pussy Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Esquire (Malaysia) - - A THOUSAND WORDS -

We are about to be in­tro­duced to the le­gend. We see blood drip off a katana. There is a beat-up car in the af­ter­math of a big kung-fu and cow­boy Mex­i­can stand­off. Jen­han, played by Sa­muel L Jack­son walks up to the trunk of the car and opens it. There is a per­son tied up and gagged in it and it is most likely Christoph Waltz. Jen­han speaks to the bloody trunk.

JEN­HAN Have you heard the para­ble of the black cat and the dragon? See, the black cat lets you no­tice it but it re­veals noth­ing else. Think of the last black cat you saw. Try it muthaf***a.

(beat) You know nu’thing. No, you do not. So one day, this black cat ap­pears. It says its hello, hi, what­ever the f**k it says, and then the next mo­ment it’s gone. You don’t ever see the same black cat twice. But you know it’s real. Oh, it’s there.

(beat) The dragon on the other hand, it doesn’t ex­ist. Re­becca’s like a black cat. And you... Jen­han pulls out a hand­gun and shoots five bul­lets into the trunk. Five jet streams of blood gush out onto his face. JEN­HAN (CONT’D) …are a dragon. END (“Misir­lou” or some other surf-rock track plays)

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