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Tra­di­tional baked moon­cake flavours in­clude: - Lo­tus seed paste - Red bean paste - Mung bean paste - Five mixed nuts

It’s not un­usual for the first three fill­ings to come with a salted duck egg yolk cen­tre, which bal­ances the sweet­ness with the salti­ness of the egg. It’s said that the round yolk rep­re­sents the mes­sage that was once hid­den in the moon­cake.

Pan­dan (screw­pine) is com­monly used to flavour and colour lo­tus seed paste fill­ings in moon­cakes around the re­gion. If the dark green colour didn’t tip you off, the dis­tinc­tive aroma will.

Tra­di­tional moon­cake dough is of­ten baked into fish or piglet shapes, put into small brightly coloured plas­tic bas­kets and sold as sweet, chewy snacks. It rep­re­sents caught fish or piglets bound for sale.

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