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With all your daily tasks and re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, have you ever thought to give your skin a break once in a while? Yes, our skin needs to detox as much as our bodies do in or­der for it to de­con­gest from im­pu­ri­ties, pol­lu­tants and makeup buildup.

Give your skin a chance to re-bal­ance with this all-in-one treat­ment masque that’ll help detox­ify, brighten and in­vig­o­rate your skin. It spreads out eas­ily onto your skin and is lightweight to the touch. Slather it on gen­er­ously for three to five min­utes, then lightly mas­sage with very wet hands to en­hance its ex­fo­li­a­tion prop­er­ties be­fore wash­ing it all off. It’s great for get­ting rid of pim­ples and red­ness. Your skin will feel pu­ri­fied and re­freshed in­stantly!

TIP! Use this mask weekly to keep skin from mis­be­hav­ing or when­ever you feel a pim­ple is about to sur­face.

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