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How do I pre­pare for a treat­ment? “You’ll be as­sessed by a doc­tor for suit­abil­ity of the treat­ment and for any con­traindi­ca­tion. Af­ter the con­sent form is signed, the nurse will pre­pare the pa­tient for the treat­ment. The treat­ment area will be cleansed and photos will be taken. Skin mark­ings will be done and cou­pling fluid will be ap­plied be­fore the start of the pro­ce­dure. The treat­ment will then be per­formed by the doc­tor.”

If I don’t feel any pain or heat, is the treat­ment work­ing?

“Heat is ab­so­lutely es­sen­tial to tighten the col­la­gen and stim­u­late new col­la­gen growth. If you don’t feel any heat, the set­tings might be too low for the treat­ment. A suit­able tol­er­a­ble heat level is nec­es­sary to min­imise dis­com­fort and achieve op­ti­mal re­sults.”

Why does it take so long to see the re­sults?

“The new col­la­gen growth is a pro­gres­sive and a grad­ual process, hence it takes a max­i­mum of six months to see op­ti­mal re­sults.”

What kind of af­ter­care should I be do­ing? “That’s the beauty of this treat­ment; there’s nei­ther a spe­cific af­ter­care nor down­time. Gen­er­ally, pa­tients are ad­vised to lead a healthy life­style af­ter their treat­ment for long-last­ing re­sults.” Tred, tested and ap­proved!

“I al­ways feel queasy in a doc­tor’s room and al­though it had a fa­cial-like set­ting, I was very much scared for the pain that I had to en­dure. First, numb­ing cream was slathered all over my tummy an hour prior to the treat­ment and wrapped with cling wrap. After­wards, a tem­po­rary grid is ap­plied onto the skin us­ing a pre-drawn sheet that’s sort of like a tem­po­rary tat­too. At the be­gin­ning of the treat­ment, Dr. Lazwani did a pulse test to check if the heat is ac­cept­able on a scale from one to seven and I set­tled for level three, which was hot but tol­er­a­ble. Then, us­ing the grid as a guide, she placed the heated de­vice tip ac­cord­ing to the boxes. Aside from a few fleet­ing mo­ments of pain on bony ar­eas such as my hip bone, the treat­ment was sur­pris­ingly bear­able. It’s been three months now and my red stretch marks have turned to white while I’ve trimmed a few cen­time­tres off my body. I can’t wait to see what the re­main­ing three months will bring!”

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