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NO DLNA SUP­PORT – While the Masamune up­date came with the much de­manded MP3 USB Play­back, it didn’t come with DLNA. This means you couldn’t stream your me­dia through your home­con­nected net­work. Again, what is the rea­son­ing be­hind giv­ing the PS4 less fea­tures than its pre­de­ces­sor is a mys­tery to all but Sony. DUALSHOCK 4’S BAT­TERY

LIFE – Avid PS3 gamers will know that the DualShock 3 could last them the en­tirety of the week­end be­fore need­ing a recharge. The DualShock 4, how­ever, lasts only a day at best. This ad­di­tional time is spent teth­ered to the con­sole while play­ing games, which de­feats the point of the con­troller be­ing wire­less in the first place.

PLAYSTA­TION NOW – It is un­der­stand­able that to make a con­sole back­wards com­pat­i­ble is costly, and that’s why Sony couldn’t ex­tend the ca­pa­bil­ity to the PS4, given its x86 ar­chi­tec­ture. But charg­ing US$2.99 for gamers to rent a game for four hours or US$29.99 for 90 days? That’s just greed on Sony’s part. ‘REST MODE’ IN FIRMWARE

UP­DATE 2.0 MASAMUNE – The is­sue here isn’t the fact that Sony chose the word ‘Rest’ over ‘Sleep’ or the old ‘Standby’, but the fact that it ren­dered some ma­chines in a state where it end­lessly tries to en­ter said mode but with­out ac­tu­ally achiev­ing it. This may have been fixed by a later up­date, but it shouldn’t have hap­pened in the first place.

‘SUS­PEND/RE­SUME’ IS STILL MISS­ING – This fea­ture, which al­lows the PS4 to pause game­play by pow­er­ing down the con­sole and re­sum­ing when boot­ing up – like the PSP and PS Vita – has been an­nounced be­fore the PS4 even went on sale. One year later, and we still haven’t got­ten it, de­spite Sony say­ing the fea­ture hasn’t been can­celled.

DRIVE­CLUB ON­LINE IS­SUES – Drive­Club was sup­posed to be a PS4 launch ti­tle, but was de­layed for a year be­fore it was ac­tu­ally out. Af­ter it was even­tu­ally re­leased, its core com­po­nent, the so­cial bit of the game, wasn’t work­ing very well, if at all. While th­ese is­sues were even­tu­ally ironed out early last month, it – like many oth­ers – shouldn’t have been an is­sue in the first place.

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