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A world of fan­tasy is one that seems to fol­low your typ­i­cal fan­tasy set­ting: magic is in abun­dance, mon­sters roam the lands, look­ing to kill or be killed and, as al­ways, a beau­ti­ful and rav­ish­ing maiden awaits the hero’s em­brace at the end of it all. Mer­ci­fully, the world of The

Witcher se­ries weaves a tale be­yond the tra­di­tional fan­tasy stan­dards. It takes its cue from other ti­tles like Game of Thrones and the long-stand­ing

Dun­geons & Dragons uni­verse; King­doms wage war with each other, while their kings sanc­tion as­sas­si­na­tions of other kings and forge shaky al­liances with oth­ers. Sor­cer­esses act as con­sulars to kings, serv­ing to ad­vise and ma­nip­u­late the sit­u­a­tion to their ben­e­fit, only later to find them­selves the be­trayed.

As with the pre­vi­ous two games in the se­ries, you re­sume the role of Ger­alt of Rivia. With your twin blades of steel and sil­ver, you scour the lands, search­ing for pay­ing con­tracts and mon­sters to kill. Your pre-pos­sessed hunt­ing skills are sec­ond to none, and your ex­pe­ri­ence in the realm of the supernatural has turned you into a skep­ti­cal but logic-laden hunter. But there is one hunt that has Ger­alt oc­cu­pied, more than any other Witcher con­tract: The Wild Hunt, and along with it, the search for his for­mer lover, Yen­nefer, and adopted daugh­ter, Ciri.


Com­pared to the sec­ond in­stall­ment, The Witcher 3:

Wild Hunt is CD Pro­jekt RED’s most am­bi­tious and graph­i­cally en­gag­ing ti­tle to date. The world of Wild Hunt is di­vided in mul­ti­ple zones, span­ning across the North­ern lands of White Or­chard and Ve­len, all the way across the sea to the is­lands of the Scot­tish-es­que Skel­lige Isles.

One very im­por­tant, if not ob­vi­ous, im­prove­ment to the game that you will no­tice straight away is the way Ger­alt’s Witcher Senses can be used. Back then, these senses could only be used in­ter­mit­tently, and only as long as his medal­lion was fully charged. In this in­stall­ment, the de­vel­op­ers have made some changes, en­abling play­ers to use it as an ev­ery­day tool, which al­lows Ger­alt to sense his sur­round­ings for en­e­mies and clues. The great­est im­prove­ment to Wild Hunt, how­ever, lies in its player in­ter­ac­tions and com­bat me­chan­ics. Play­ers can now choose be­tween jog­ging or sprint­ing from one end of the map to another, or sim­ply ride on your trusty steed (named not-so-valiantly as Roach). Com­bat me­chan­ics now pos­sess a greater level of flu­id­ity, but un­like be­fore, a cer­tain level of fi­nesse and con­trol is re­quired, as the hack-and-slash method usu­ally ends up with Ger­alt be­ing killed in ac­tion. Even the spells ingame have been given a facelift. Through the right chan­nels and up­grades, play­ers can ei­ther choose to burn the en­emy with a flash, or through a con­tin­u­ous stream of fire. Yeap, you ac­tu­ally can climb up that

moun­tain. We’ve tried it.

The world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is huge and rich with in­ter­ac­tion, along with a com­bat sys­tem that is equally so.

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