Log­itech Un­veils the G29 Driv­ing Force Rac­ing Wheel for PS4 and PS3

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No mat­ter how well-de­signed and de­vel­oped rac­ing games are, you sim­ply would not be able to en­joy them to the fullest just by us­ing a con­ven­tional DualShock con­troller – which is where Log­itech’s G29 Driv­ing Force rac­ing wheel comes in.

Log­itech says that the G29 rac­ing wheel is able to sim­u­late and repli­cate the sen­sa­tions you would feel while driv­ing a car, in­clud­ing that of over­steer­ing and un­der­steer­ing. As a mat­ter of fact, even the vir­tual pot­holes and the weight of your car shift­ing mid-cor­ner are also ac­cu­rately ac­counted for.

All the nec­es­sary con­trols you will need in and out of your race are con­ve­niently placed on and around the face of the G29 Driv­ing Force rac­ing wheel, and it in­cludes a di­rec­tional pad, a semi-au­to­matic pad­dle shifter and the fa­mil­iar suite of con­sole con­troller but­tons. The full-bod­ied rac­ing ex­pe­ri­ence is fur­ther sup­ple­mented by the pres­ence of LED in­di­ca­tor lights placed right above the cen­ter of the G29, which vis­ually tells you the best time to shift gears.

Round­ing off the Log­itech G29 is a sep­a­rate floor pedal unit that con­sists of a clutch, brake and ac­cel­er­a­tor pedal. They work and feel ex­actly how like a real car’s does, es­pe­cially the brake pedal, which is said to adopt the per­for­mance of a real-life pres­sure­sen­si­tive brake sys­tem to make the sim­ple act of break­ing as re­al­is­tic as pos­si­ble.

You won’t have to worry about wreck­ing the G29 ei­ther, as placed within its wheel shaft are solid steel ball bear­ings, and its ped­als and pad­dle shifters are made en­tirely out of stain­less steel. Fur­ther­more, the G29 can be fas­tened onto a ta­ble or rac­ing seat to hold it in place while you pull off the most reck­less and jar­ring of rac­ing ma­neu­vers.

The Log­itech G29 Driv­ing Force will be avail­able in Septem­ber for the PS4 and PS3. Its price will only be an­nounced as its re­lease date draws closer.

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