State of De­cay: Year-One Sur­vival Edi­tion

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State of De­cay was orig­i­nally launched for the Xbox 360 in 2013. It was a pretty good game, rough around the edges (tons of bugs, stilted an­i­ma­tion) but it was un­de­ni­ably fun. This Xbox One ver­sion is a com­pi­la­tion of the orig­i­nal plus ex­pan­sion packs.

State of De­cay is an open world, sur­vival game with zom­bies. Break­down is a mil­i­tary-themed ex­pan­sion set in another town. Guns come into play more in Break­down since you’re lead­ing a pla­toon of sol­diers but for the most part, game­play is sim­i­lar though you can re­quest sup­plies from HQ to help out. Life­line is the other ex­pan­sion in­cluded on the disc, though it’s mainly a sur­vival mode of the orig­i­nal with­out a sto­ry­line, which isn’t too com­pelling.

Since the game was orig­i­nally an Xbox 360 ti­tle, one would rea­son­ably ex­pect im­prove­ments and op­ti­miza­tion for the Xbox One com­pi­la­tion. That’s not the case. The weird an­i­ma­tions present in the orig­i­nal still haven’t been pol­ished. It’s still dis­jointed and car­toony as ever. But that’s the least of the game’s prob­lems. Frame rate stut­ter­ing is still as bad too. It’s nowhere near a con­stant 30fps, though at times it can jump higher than that.

There are also a mul­ti­tude of bugs (in all three modes), but the big­gest one has got to be the clip­ping is­sue. Zom­bies rou­tinely pass through closed doors and walls with no is­sues, which de­feat the pur­pose of build­ing de­fenses.

The vi­su­als have taken a bit of a step up though; mis­cel­la­neous ef­fects like sun rays shin­ing through gaps in the trees have been added. They do spruce up the game a bit but it doesn’t hide the fact that the game still looks as it did on the Xbox 360. Tex­tures are still muddy and dark, there’s a weird sheen to in­door ob­jects, there’s hor­ri­ble pop-in of zom­bies on both lo­ca­tions and zom­bies lack va­ri­ety. It’s ba­si­cally the same thing with the au­dio. Ev­ery­thing is lazily reused from the Xbox 360 ver­sion.

It’s a shame re­ally, as the core game­play buried un­der the is­sues is re­ally fun. There’s tons of con­tent to play through and most of it is en­joy­able but the tech­ni­cal is­sues will un­doubt­edly alien­ate new gamers on the Xbox One ver­sion think­ing that it’s a pol­ished prod­uct when it’s not.

Get the PC ver­sion if you can. It has all the con­tent, none of the tech­ni­cal is­sues.

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If you own the orig­i­nal game on the Xbox 360, you get a dis­count if you buy the Xbox One ver­sion.

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