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Poké­mon Sun / Poké­mon Moon

GAX (Malaysia) - - REVIEW - by Ian Chee

Praise the Sun and Moon

As we con­tinue to as­sume that Nin­tendo will run out of names for its second great­est fran­chise, the video games gi­ant presents us with the sev­enth gen­er­a­tion Poké­mon games: Sun and Moon. And with the new gen­er­a­tion comes one of the most bril­liant sto­ries in the se­ries ever, but more on that later.

Quickly go­ing over the game­play im­prove­ments, we have the re­turn of the day and night cy­cle with Moon ip­ping real time by 12 hours, turn­ing day to night. You’ll get Day and Night ver­sions of BGM, as well as Poké­mon that only ap­pear at cer­tain times. The stan­dard eight Gyms have been re­placed with the Alolan is­land chal­lenges, and in­stead of chal­leng­ing the reign­ing Cham­pion of the Poké­mon League, you will be the rst Cham­pion of the re­gion, de­fend­ing your ti­tle im­me­di­ately af­ter beat­ing the Elite Four. And be­yond the rst two times, you de­fend your ti­tle against ran­dom chal­lengers – most of whom you’ve faced be­fore. All this re­flects the smaller Alola re­gion, in terms of area and Trainer pop­u­la­tion.

Your true part­ner is the Leg­endary Poké­mon it­self

But hon­estly, all this is sec­ondary to the story and nar­ra­tion of Sun and Moon, which is not only bril­liant, but also quite the de­par­ture from pre­vi­ous Poké­mon games. For the rst time in Poké­mon games his­tory, the mas­cot Leg­endary Poké­mon is not just a pow­er­ful liv­ing weapon (or a god­like be­ing) with pow­ers that shape the fab­ric of the Poké­mon world, which you meet around the end of the story. In fact, you meet the mas­cot in its ju­ve­nile form be­fore you even be­come a Poké­mon Trainer, and it be­comes an in­te­gral part of your ad­ven­ture un­til it nally evolves – an­other rst among Leg­endary Poké­mon – into the form you see on the box cover, be­fore you for­mally face it in bat­tle and claim own­er­ship of it. If you’re the sen­ti­men­tal type, you’ll likely do what I did – grant it starter sta­tus and keep it in your team for the rest of your ad­ven­ture.

That is, un­til you get to the post-game stage and play com­pet­i­tively, where ma­jor Le­gen­daries are for­bid­den any­way. And one of the new modes here is the Bat­tle Royal, where four train­ers, each with three Poké­mon, bat­tle each other in a free-for-all blender to see who can take out the most op­po­nents, while keep­ing the most Poké­mon in ght­ing con­di­tion. If you’re play­ing against AI op­po­nents though, be pre­pared to be con­sis­tently matched against line­ups clearly ad­van­ta­geous against yours, and hav­ing them all gang up on you when you’re close to vic­tory.


En­coun­ter­ing one be­fore even be­com­ing a Trainer, the Leg­endary Poké­mon is es­sen­tially your true part­ner of this gen­er­a­tion.

This gen­er­a­tion’s sec­ondary an­tag­o­nists, how­ever, are the goo est of the bunch, with no real mo­ti­va­tions other than be­ing vil­lain­ous.

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