Go­ing for gold

Razer launches vir­tual cur­rency plat­form, zVault.

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Gam­ing pe­riph­eral man­u­fac­turer Razer re­cently launched zVault – a se­cure dig­i­tal wal­let that al­lows gamers to use vir­tual cur­rency for pur­chas­ing items and earn­ing re­wards. The me­chan­ics be­hind zVault is pretty straight­for­ward. It com­prises two core com­po­nents: zGold, which is es­sen­tially a form of dig­i­tal cur­rency, and zSil­ver, a re­wards cur­rency. zGold can be used to pur­chase items from the Razer on­line store, or other part­ner stores such as IndieGala and Gamer­sGate. By us­ing zGold for their pur­chases, gamers will be able to earn re­wards in the form of zSil­ver, which can be used to re­deem Razer dis­count coupons, or even pe­riph­er­als such as the Razer Black­Wi­dow Chroma me­chan­i­cal Key­board. zSil­ver can also be earned by us­ing Razer soft­ware such as Razer Cor­tex and Razer Arena. What are the con­ver­sion rates like? At the time of pub­lish­ing, US$1 (ap­prox. RM . will en­ti­tle you to re­ceive 100 zGold, which can be pur­chased in 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 de­nom­i­na­tions us­ing PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards.

Razer hasn’t speci cally men­tioned the amount of zSil­ver that are awarded to the user by spend­ing zGold or us­ing its soft­ware, but just so you know, you’ll need 220,000 worth of zSil­ver to re­deem a Razer Black­Wi­dow Chroma.

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